I’m blown away by how many people have got involved in the Community so far, answering and asking questions – I’ve learnt new tips already, and if you haven’t checked it out yet, I’d encourage you to do so – and don’t forget, there’s 10,000 Starpoints, Bellroy wallets and other stuff at stake. To make things more transparent, I’m tweaking the way the leaderboard functions – more on this later.

The launch has been hampered by intermittent issues where some people can’t register or access some pages. Despite bumping up server capacity already in December, I’ve now moved to dedicated Australian hosting. If you’ve had problems with page load times in the last week, I’d encourage you to trying signing up again.

Competition Leaderboard Update

One thing I’ve been a bit disappointed by is the Leaderboard for the Questions section. I did a dry run but there’s nothing like real world use to tease out issues, and it seems that the points that the leaderboard assigns to askers and answerers doesn’t reflect, to me, an accurate tally of community contributions.

So the competition and the prize still stands – but I’ll be manually calculating winners based on the following –

  • Each legitimate Question will receive 3 points
  • Answers will receive 4 points
  • Answers marked ‘Great’ will receive 6 points
  • ‘Best’ answers will receive 8 points

I’ll be marking answers as ‘Great’ or ‘Best’ as we go if the original questioner doesn’t pick an answer as such.

Awardnexus prize update

The nice guys over at Awardnexus have agreed to offer 4 additional accounts with credits – each winner will get 250 credits, which will be doubled if they are already a premium member. This is on top of the additional 1,000 credit account already in the prize pool.

I’ll give you an update before the competition ends on the Leaderboard, some time in mid February, and the current Leaderboard on the side of every page has been taken down to avoid confusion.


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Server move

On Thursday and Friday, the performance of the site became unacceptable. Despite bumping up hosting capacity in December, I have now moved again to an Australian dedicated server, meaning that hopefully both the locality of the server and the additional resources shouldn’t see us having issues again. If you encounter any, let me know.

What all this means?

Hopefully, I can now get back to writing! I have a heap of stuff on my backlog which has grown while I’ve been building all the community stuff and dealing with the admin side of running a growing website. Hopefully that’s behind me now, meaning more new content.

Community Launch – Competition update and more speed! was last modified: January 18th, 2015 by Keith