An easy way to pick up 200 bonus KrisFlyer miles in two minutes

A guide to earning bonus points with KrisFlyer

GUIDE: Earning Points
TIME TO READ: 2 minutes
POSTED: March 1, 2018
UPDATED: March 1, 2018
LOYALTY PROGRAMS: Singapore Airlines KrisFlyer

If you’re new to the frequent flyer game, Singapore Airlines’ loyalty program KrisFlyer is one of the top five to join for travellers based in Australia.

Here are two offers to boost your KrisFlyer miles.

Offer 1: earn 200 bonus KrisFlyer miles for signing up to Rebate Mango

While this promotion is aimed at Singaporean and Malaysian residents, there is nothing in the terms and conditions stating that residents in other countries cannot take advantage of it too.

Until 31 March, you can pick up 200 bonus KrisFlyer miles just for creating an account with Rebate Mango. You just have to enter the following:

  • email address
  • (create a new) password for Rebate Mango (not your email password)
  • first name
  • last name
  • KrisFlyer membership number

Make sure the names on your Rebate Mango and KrisFlyer accounts match exactly.

When it asks you about your cashback preference, you can just leave it as the default option.

Sign up here and your miles will post within 4-6 weeks.

If you are looking for a cashback partner in Australia, we’d recommend Cashrewards.

Offer 2: new members earn 1000 bonus KrisFlyer miles

Until 31 March, KrisFlyer is offering 1000 bonus miles for new accounts.

All you have to do is enter promo code JOINKFSQ at the bottom of the registration form.

New members can expect the points to deposit into your account within 4-6 weeks.

Unlike last year’s promotion, those wanting to reactivate expired KrisFlyer accounts do not seem to be eligible for the bonus points.

Full details are available here.

Then you are on your way to building a KrisFlyer balance which you can use on one of our 9 favourite KrisFlyer redemptions.

KrisFlyer miles are great to redeem for premium cabin travel on Singapore Airlines

Convert into 740 Velocity points

If you didn’t want to hold the miles in KrisFlyer, you could transfer them to Velocity Frequent Flyer at a rate of 1.35 KrisFlyer miles = 1 Velocity point.

Given Velocity’s family points pooling option, I would imagine some of you might just want to sign up the whole family to both programs, transfer the points over to Velocity, and use them for Virgin Australia redemptions.

Note that there is a minimum transfer requirement of 5,000 KrisFlyer miles though, so you would need to top your KrisFlyer balance by crediting some Singapore Airlines, Virgin Australia or partner flights, or transferring credit card points to KrisFlyer, before being able to transfer the lot over to Velocity.

Offer history

  • March 2018: 200 bonus miles for signing up to a Rebate Mango account
  • February-March 2018: 1000 bonus miles for new accounts
  • February-April 2017: 500 bonus miles for new and reactivated expired accounts

To read more about why you should join KrisFlyer (for free), take a look at our post on 7 reasons why KrisFlyer is one of our favourite frequent flyer programs (and 4 downsides).

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