If there’s one thing Accor loves, it’s subscriptions. There are five subscriptions on offer in various regions of the world – most of you will be familiar with Accor Plus in Asia-Pacific. But there’s also a subscription in Brazil called ALL Signature (which I first read about on LoyaltyLobby), and it’s proving to be quite the deal.

ALL Signature has various price points. But for the best-value option, you pay a yearly fee of BRL 6,720 (~AU$2,075) to earn a total of 75,000 ALL points (worth ~AU$2,480) and 12,000 Status Points. Given that Platinum benefits are earned with 14,000 Status Points, you’re well within reach with just a bit more hotel spend on top.

Offer: Until 30 November 2023, take 15% off the Absolute Annual membership with coupon code BFALLSIG15. This brings the price of the subscription down to BRL 5,712 (~AU$1,760).

This is a subscription, so your rewards are dished out on a monthly basis. You should also note this subscription product is intended to be sold domestically in Brazil.

Having said that, there don’t appear to be any restrictions on purchasing this membership outside of Brazil. The Accor FAQs clearly state that you can hold multiple memberships. The one restriction mentioned is that Accor Plus can’t be stacked with other memberships such as ALL Signature, but anecdotally, people have reported successfully stacking both.

As with any membership or purchase, proceed at your own risk – this article is purely general information.

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How does the ALL Signature membership work?

Access the ALL Signature membership page on this direct link. You may wish to use the translate feature in your browser to read the text in English. ALL Signature is offered in monthly, quarterly and annual plans, which you can browse and compare. There are also three tiers of packages – Discover, Explore and Absolute.

For brevity, we’ll just look at the best-value option, which is the annual Absolute package. For BRL 6,720 a year, before any discounts, you get these key perks:

  • 5,000 ALL points per month (total of 60,000 points a year)
  • An additional 5,000 ALL points every four months (an extra 15,000 points a year)
  • 1,000 Status Points per month (total of 12,000 Status Points a year)

The Absolute package also comes with additional perks that probably won’t be relevant, including bonuses when you transfer from select South American partners. Accor points won’t expire while you hold a subscription.

Even without a discount, the annual Absolute package offers more value than what you pay for. You’ll get a few hundred dollars more in ALL points, plus the Status Nights.

I’m already logged in to my Accor account and the information is pre-filled as expected.

That’s all there is to it. I’m personally not signing up this time as I don’t stay in hotels often enough right now. But for more frequent road warriors, getting more points than what you pay for and a significant boost to reach Platinum status could be a very shiny carrot indeed.

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