via One Mile at a Time, here’s a quick, neat way to potentially earn a nice stash of British Airways Avios (maybe up to 7,000) by capitalising on the sale of BMI from Lufthansa to IAG (owner of British Airways).

BMI’s Diamond Club is offering 1000 miles for new accounts. You can sign up with an Australian mailing address, and I don’t believe they post you any membership collateral.

Given that Diamond Club accounts will most likely merge or turn into BA Executive Club accounts very soon, it’s probable that the 1000 Diamond Club miles will = 1000 Avios.

Executive Club also has a household account system, where up to 7 individual accounts can be combined towards a single common balance. So, rinse and repeat the signup process for up to 7 household members, and you have up to 7000 Avios come merger time – which can be redeemed for Qantas flights, for example Sydney – Melbourne is 4,500 Avios one way.

Executive Club doesn’t currently allow Australian addresses on member accounts, so it remains to be seen how that quirk will be handled – but this is a no-brainer to try as it only takes a minute or so to sign up.

I’d recommend doing this ASAP before the BMI signup offer is pulled, and definitely before the 17th when the sale is due to be finalised – or at least more news and information about the frequent flyer program merger might become available.

1000 free BMI miles maybe = 1000 free BA miles, or more if you combine with household accounts was last modified: October 11th, 2014 by Keith