Qantas International Business Lounge Auckland Overview

The Qantas International Business Lounge at Auckland has been in operation as it is now with minimal changes over the last 5 or more years (and probably longer).

There is definitely room for improvement, which Qantas has recognised, earmarking Auckland for a potential renovation in coming years – but with no confirmed timing as yet.

We recently re-visited the lounge and have added a few more pictures to this overview.

Qantas Auckland International Airport Business Lounge Details

Lounge Location

After passing through customs and security departure, you will walk through duty free shopping on the way to the departure gates. If you turn to the right while in the shopping plaza, you’ll see a sign directing you to the premium airport lounges.

Qantas Auckland Lounge 2

The escalators that lead to the Qantas Business Lounge and Emirates Lounge on the second floor are located directly opposite the entrance to the privately-run Auckland Airport Emperor Lounge.

Qantas Auckland Lounge 3

The Qantas-operated lounge is open seven days a week from 4am each day until the departure of the final Qantas or Emirates flight for the evening. The entrance to the Qantas First Lounge is here too.

Qantas Auckland Lounge 4

Lounge Seating & Views

The lounge itself including the furniture is rather dated, however it is a reasonable size and located on an external second floor wall with large windows.

There are a number of seating areas, with a couple of quiet zones. The benefit of natural lighting from the windows helps make the lounge more appealing during the day.

Qantas Auckland Lounge 6

There are a couple of magazine shelves, with the main one located just inside the lounge entrance also providing an updated departures board. Not an abundance of reading options, but reasonably stocked.

Qantas Auckland Lounge 7

A cellphone and tablet charge station is located to the right end of the lounge. Convenient, however felt a little like something they had dragged in from one of the gates, and I would much prefer a USB point where I could use my own lead.

Qantas Auckland Lounge 8

In a long hallway to the right of reception, a coat rack and storage shelves are provided for those wishing to offload some excess baggage.

Qantas Auckland Lounge 9

For those needing to last-minute business facilities, a small room with a couple of PCs and printer is located off the same hallway directly opposite the coat rack.

Qantas Auckland Lounge 10

The bathroom facilities were appealingly light and welcoming compared with the rest of the lounge, and obviously well-serviced. The inclusion of the Aurora Spa hand wash and cream, along with the fresh white cotton hand towels, was a nice touch.

Qantas Auckland Lounge 11

Shower facilities along with bath towels provided are also available to all guest on request from the reception.

Food & Drink

Qantas Auckland Lounge 12

Catering facilities are adequate without being impressive. A standard Kiwi buffet breakfast of sausages and scrambled eggs was available, and for lunch, wraps, crackers, cheese and other standard lunch snack fare.

Qantas Auckland Lounge 13

The food looked edible but given that it was still early in the morning, it felt as though it had been sitting there for a while, which wasn’t really enticing me to partake.

Qantas Auckland Lounge 14

For breakfast I opted for a toasted hot cross bun and coffee. Unfortunately, the hot cross bun was hard, and as this lounge doesn’t have a barista like found in the Qantas lounges in Australia, the coffee came from a machine and was pretty bad.

Qantas Auckland Lounge 15

I definitely enjoyed the bench top freezer full of Kapiti single-serve ice cream tubs. While they did not make up for the poor food and I would not normally recommend ice cream for breakfast, it was an unexpected win.

Qantas Auckland Lounge 16

Drinks facilities also provide some excellent selections. A good-sized self-serve fridge was well stocked with chilled soft drinks, local and imported beers, and a nice selection of white still and sparkling wines.

Qantas Auckland Lounge 17

Fresh chilled water and juices are located to the left side of the fridge, with a selection of red wines available for self serve to the right.

Qantas Auckland Lounge 18

While this lounge does also provide a small selection of spirits, these are not available for access before 11.30am.

Lounge Access Options

The lounge is managed and run by Qantas and, naturally, complimentary access is available for those passengers flying in Business or First Class with Qantas or its strategic airline partner Emirates.

Access is also available for those passengers flying Business Class with any of Qantas’ oneworld alliance partners such as LATAM to Sydney or Santiago and Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong.

Gold and Platinum elite status Qantas Frequent Flyer and Emirates Skyward members, along with associated oneworld Emerald and Sapphire members, are also entitled to complementary access when their next onward flight is in any cabin class on a oneworld-marketed and -operated flight.

oneworld logos

The purchase of an annual Qantas Club membership also provides access to those passengers flying in Economy with Qantas, Emirates or Qantas’ subsidiary Jetstar.

While there are traditionally no day pass purchases available, Qantas has recently started running a trial providing one-off access for a set fee to a number of their Domestic and International lounges for lower-tier Qantas Frequent Flyer members.

Our Take – Auckland Qantas Business Lounge

While the Auckland Qantas Business Lounge is functional and conveniently-located, it is old and tired. Given that Auckland is Qantas’ most-frequented international destination, I wonder how it has been neglected for so long.

The drinks options and bathroom facilities are of a good standard and certainly provide what is needed for a couple of hours, however the food leaves a lot to be desired and the seating, both in style and setting feel more like an old RSL than a international airline business lounge.

Thankfully it seems that Qantas have been in discussions with Auckland Airport to renovate the lounge with the intention of creating one of their highly-regarded International lounges similar to their Singapore and Hong Kong International Premium lounges.

In the meantime, existing business and elite passengers on LATAM and American Airlines flights will have to put up with Grandad’s pad until the new lounge eventuates.

Qantas Business Class passengers and Qantas Frequent Flyer status holders can head next door to [the Emirates lounge]( ‎) if they prefer – certainly the food is better although there’s less natural light, depending on the time of day, could be more crowded.

Check here for more information on the Qantas International Business Lounge and others, including access and guest qualifications.

Qantas International Business Lounge Auckland Overview was last modified: January 6th, 2017 by Clayton Tremain


  1. SPC

    This lounge is appalling As a platinum one member one would hope you could access this as I had to travel Jetstar which was delayed and when we went to use the lounge (as advised it was OK to do so when booking) it closed as the last Qantas flight was about to leave! I normally dont fly anything but Qantas however you would think when their subsidiary delays a flight by 2 hours it would stay open to accomodate those that had to use this airline for transport!

  2. Mr Mink

    I have posted a rather more substantial review of the EK lounge just now, which is food and bev wise likely much better. As I say there, the EK lounge, particularly in the quality of their red and white wine selection, is streets ahead. However as I only ever really visit in the late afternoon, those comments hardly relate to breakfast type reviews, where wine reviews are relatively irrelevant (although French champagne is almost a pre-flight requirement, even if it is 7am!).

    The added photos of the lounge are however comprehensive. Yes the QF lounge is getting a bit tired but I think a refresh must be relatively low in priority given that QF traffic thru AKL is relatively limited to B737s, therefore low volume, and has been for some years. Maybe it should just become a QF on behalf of One World lounge?

    • QF on behalf of oneworld would make some sense, but only LA and AA use the QF Lounge. If CX did too it might be more appealing to make that change I guess, but CX have a relationship with Air NZ so CX business passengers can access the Air NZ lounge which is much better all round than the QF lounge could be given the space and views Air NZ has. Although I guess the Air NZ lounge is pretty busy too.

      Noted on the comments on opening times, I’ll incorporate that in these guides somehow.

  3. Just a note that business and elite passengers on Qantas can in fact also access the Emirates lounge, which is far superior in my opinion.

    This is always my ‘go to’ lounge when transiting or flying out of AKL.

    • Clayton Tremain Author

      Yes that is fortunate for Qantas and Emirates elites, I’d be interested what the new American Airlines passengers who remain stuck with the Qantas lounge think.

    • Clayton Tremain Author

      Hi Israel, just Kiwi slang for den, place, home. I was referring that the decore and furniture reminded me of my Grandparents house.

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