I learnt about the JetQuay VIP arrival and transfer service at Changi from Gary Leff’s JetQuay review, and given we would be arriving with bags, infant and long flight behind us, I figured I’d give it a crack.

I emailed the InterContinental after making my booking to double check on the price and arrangements – they got back to me confirming the $150 SGD cost, and asked for inbound flight numbers and times. I had a couple of special requests such as an infant seat in the car taking us into the City, which were handled easily too.

All up it was really straightforward to arrange through the hotel, and I was happy in the knowledge that we had the immigration and transfer assistance booked after a long overnight flight with Zoe.

After arriving on QF6, we made our way up the jet-bridge to find a friendly guy toting a large sign with the InterContinental logo and my name all over it (although misspelled!). We decamped our inflight baggage into the back of his buggy, handed over our baggage stubs for him to radio throug to his colleagues who were collecting our bags, and headed off, feeling pretty rock-star as we sped past what seemed like the whole population of Singapore hanging out at Changi.

After about 5 minutes of chit chat and buggy manouvres, the driver offered to stop at an ATM for us to pick up some cash – a good move – and after another 5 minutes we popped out at the JetQuay CIP terminal, where a JetQuay staff member took our passports to an immigration official to stamp us in – no queuing.


Making our way through Changi on the JetQuay buggy

We then headed on down to the JetQuay lounge to wait for our bags to show up. We were offered drinks, and there was a variety of snacks on display but most of them were sealed in plastic wrap – making me not so keen to just dig in and grab one. I was pretty full after breakfast anyway.

Singapore Changi Airport - Jetquay Arrival Lounge

Hanging out in the lounge

Singapore Changi Airport - Jetquay Arrival Lounge

Singapore Changi Airport - Jetquay Arrival Lounge

Snacks spread

Singapore Changi Airport - Jetquay Arrival Lounge

Drinks, wine

The lounge was quiet – we were the only ones in there – and we waited about 20 minutes before our bags showed. I think was due to the outsize luggage we had, rather than any slow service on JetQuay’s part.

Finally we jumped into the pre-arranged transfer car – a recent-ish black Mercedes C-Class saloon – which unfortunately had been fitted with a booster seat rather than a full on infant carrier. We coped, but it was disappointing as that was one of the main advantages to us over getting pre-arranged transfer into Singapore rather than a much cheaper taxi. Oh well, you live and learn – for anyone else doing this future, be sure to ask and double check that the request has been made with your childs age specifically identified with JetQuay.

The transfer went off without a hitch – the driver was super-friendly and a lovely guy, and we were soon at the Holiday Inn Atrium, where we were staying a night before moving on to the IC Singapore.

Whilst it’s 2-3 times the price of a taxi, the JetQuay meet and greet was worth it’s weight in gold to us, as we had extra baggage, were travelling with an infant off a 13 hour flight, and wanted the car seat sorted for us. Racing through Changi on a buggy was also amazingly novel, and a great wake-up call. For a regular or solo traveller, it wouldn’t be worth the hassle – but for anyone with similar requirements, go for it, it was a great experience.

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