I’ve long had some tools buried in the site which I created a couple of years ago, including a loyalty program conversion calculator that lets you assess the transfer rates in and out of the major credit card, airline and hotel loyalty programs in the region.

It’s now much, much faster and I’ve updated it with (I think) all the current transfer rates between programs -It’s perfect for when you’re not sure how many points you need to move in, or out, of a credit card program.
You can try it out here →

The old calculator was still functional, but in need of an update so I engaged the most excellent Tim Rogers, creator of the excellent British Airways Reward Finder web app in the UK to clean things up and bring it up to 2014 standards.

It should have full coverage of every major credit card program in Australia, and also highlights double transfer opportunities – where you can go via an intermediary hotel (or airline) program to then a final destination.

If you class yourself as an advanced user of points and need a tool to help you figure out where to divert your points from sign up bonuses or ongoing spend, this will help you out.

The lovely Braun calculator image above was taken by wasabicube on on flickr.

Loyalty Program Points Conversion Calculator reworked, sped up and updated was last modified: July 27th, 2017 by Keith