Paypal have now enabled American Express cards to be added to your account for online payments with any business who accept Paypal.

This has been a long-term bugbear for me with Paypal – the lack of Amex acceptance has meant that any Paypal transactions through eBay, and the increasing number of businesses that now accept Paypal, have had to be funded by Visa or MasterCard.

I had assumed this was probably due to Amex’s higher processing fees, but one or both of Paypal and Amex must have come to the party to make this possible.


Those of you with dual American Express and Visa/Mastercard accounts should add your Amex ASAP to make use of the higher points earn rates, while those of us (like me) who use a Membership Rewards Amex should consider if this is the account you want to use primarily with Paypal.

I’ve added my Amex regardless so it’s an option for payment for me in future.

Paypal Australia now accepting American Express for online payments was last modified: August 12th, 2016 by Keith