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Since touring the Park Hyatt Sydney a few months back, I’ve been wondering how the hell I’d ever manage to stay there, given the rather insane usual room rate of $900 or more per night, and that I have no Hyatt points to burn – and no way of collecting any in any significant amount.

There is, however, a way – using Hyatt ‘Stay’ certificates sold by directly by Hyatt here.

The certificates come in a few different price levels – Classic, starting at $109 (US) all the way up to Inspire, $319, per night. There’s also a $25 USD Fedex delivery fee tacked on top of each order, so the total price of an Inspire level certificate required for the Park Hyatt Sydney is $344 USD.

Hyatt Hotels certificates screen | Point Hacks

Each Hyatt globally is categorised into one of the certificate bands – and only a couple are excluded from these certificate redemptions. In Australia, the locations are banded as follows –

Hyatt Hotels certificate bands screen | Point Hacks

You can check the categorisation of other hotels globally here. You’ll see in the table above that Australian Hyatt’s only participate in the ‘Stay’ certificate program, and that ‘Weekend’ certificates are not valid.

It’s worth realising that multi-night certificates are less flexible and efficient than multiple single nights – there are no price advantages in purchasing a multiple night cert, and lose form flexibility in how you can redeem it, so why bother.

Also note that there’s an ‘Exclusive’ level shown in the table – these are not available for public purchase, and are usually only purchasable by employers for employee benefit schemes or other similar direct B2B purchases from Hyatt.

Certificate rate availability is not guaranteed – you need to check online or directly with the hotel. To check online, use the certificate availability search page.

Assuming you’re searching for an ‘Inspire’ level cert (e.g. for the Park Hyatt Sydney) you’ll need to use the certificate offer code HSINN1. This code, for reference, breaks down as follows –
H – Hyatt, I assume;
S – Stay certificate (or W for weekend);
IN – Inspire level;
N1 – One night.

So you can search for other certificate levels and types by amending the IN or N1 text in the rate code, e.g. HSELN2 for an Elite level, two night certificate, if you’re looking for a Hotel with certificate redemption at a lower level. The full list of codes is Inspire = IN, Elite = EL, Choice = CH, Premier = PR, Classic = CL.

Park Hyatt Sydney Redemption | Point Hacks

You can then review availability for your chosen dates online.

I researched a night at the Park Hyatt Sydney directly with the reservations team – they require a credit card to hold the reservation, with cancellation less than 48 hours prior to the booking incurring the full night’s rack rate – otherwise no charge to cancel.

Of course, you accrue no Hyatt Gold Passport points or stay credits for the stay, but when you’re talking about a $600 discount I’m not complaining too much.

Park Hyatt Sydney Room Rates Screen | Point Hacks

I’ll of course review the hotel here for you after the stay. Should be a great experience!

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