Over the past couple of weeks I’ve quietly been working on a handful of pretty helpful (and fairly hefty) new resources for Point Hacks – a suite of new calculators relating to valuing and using points.

The concept and inspiration for them was pretty straightforward. I kept referring to some Excel spreadsheets to:

  1. Work out the value of a point for a redemption opportunity
  2. Calculate whether I should redeem points for a flight or pay cash, based on my own point value
  3. And as I was doing research for the credit card points guide series, I kept heading to the various credit card program websites to check and calculate point conversion rates.

So I got coding and built the following calculators to make my life easier- hopefully you get some use out of them too.

You can read more about each one on their respective pages.

Any questions, issues or comments, please comment on this post or contact me – my details are on the foot of every page of this site.

New points calculators was last modified: July 27th, 2017 by Keith