The key mission for Point Hacks is to give you the knowledge to earn the most points, and to use them the most effectively.

We put a LOT of information out there to help you achieve your travel goals from earning and using points, and I’ll admit it’s hard to keep track of – firstly to know what you should read, and then to know what you’ve read already.

Hopefully we’ve started fixing that with the new guides index page that I just added today – you can check it out here and it’s also linked to from the top navigation in every page.

Guides Arrow

This week we’ve been updating our guides to Velocity given the award chart changes on June 1st and the addition of Etihad charges, which has really changed the value of Velocity. Going through all the Velocity guides on the site really brought it home to me how hard it was to find them.

This is a starting point which (in my opinion at least) is a big improvement over the chronological listing that was there before.

There’s still more we can do to make this more useful – next steps will be adding some guide and/or site search functionality to this page to help you find your way through the guides on offer.

And if you have any more suggestions for how we improve the site or guides we have to write – well, I’m keen to hear them, so please add them in the comments.

As always, thanks for reading 🙂

New Point Hacks guides ‘index’ should make it easier to work your way through the points resources we have on offer was last modified: December 21st, 2017 by Keith