Wow, long post title that, but there’s a little bit to cover. First up, Malaysian Airlines announced yesterday their intention to join the oneworld alliance sometime in late 2012 – good news for oneworld FFP members, as Malaysian’s product is well regarded – they even have a proper First cabin, adding an additional First Class redemption option for Qantas members. No details of course on how Malaysian’s Enrich program will be migrated into oneworld, but you’d have to assume that any balances will be carried forward along with their membership.

Next, Enrich is offering a 1000 point signup bonus to any new members – it’s not clear, but head here and 1000 points get credited after you’ve filled out and checked the necessary boxes. Points don’t mean anything though until you have enough of them for a redemption… leading me to my next point, that Virgin Australia are still partners with Malaysian for the near future. Flying Virgin will credit to Enrich and vice versa, and doing the former might let you build up enough miles for a oneworld redemption in future. Worth considering if you’re forced to fly with Virgin a lot but are keen to save for a oneworld award. Edge-case, sure, but it’s an option for the time being.

With this and the announcement of Virgin Australia and Singapore Airlines tie up it’s interesting times in the Australian aviation marketplace – competition is a great thing for the consumer.

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