Avianca LifeMiles is currently offering up to 175% bonus miles on all purchases made before 13 December 2021. That’s nearly (but not quite) triple what you’d usually be getting. For example, buy 100,000 miles for US$3,300 and end up with 275,000 miles instead – that’s only 1.2 US cents per mile!

Buy Avianca LifeMiles for great-value reward seats on Star Alliance carriers such as Japan’s ANA, Thai Airways, Singapore Airlines and more. But keep in mind, some carriers are still restricting reward availability due to COVID-19 – particularly Singapore Airlines. United is also said to be curbing reward seats for partners.

Want to whisk your partner to Asia in style? Prices start from 40,000 miles one-way in Business Class departing Asia (or 90,000 miles return, as the program charges 50,000 miles flying out of Australia).

With this current promo, you can buy enough miles and redeem two Business reward seats from Tokyo to Sydney on ANA, for just AU$822 per person including fees and taxes. And there’s plenty more to explore on the chart – read more about the best uses of Avianca LifeMiles.

The current LifeMiles purchase miles promotion

Expiry: 13 December 2021
  • Offer: 155% to 175% bonus miles on top of your purchased amount (tiered).
    • Buy 1,000 – 20,000 miles = 155% bonus.
    • Buy 21,000 – 50,000 miles = 165% bonus.
    • Buy 51,000 – 200,000 miles = 175% bonus.
  • Valid until: 13 December 2021 (likely 14 December 2021 in Australia).
  • Booking fees: US$25 redemption fee online (recommended) or US$85 over the phone.
Experience Thai Airways’ Business Class with LifeMiles. You only need 90,000 miles for a return trip from Australia.

This promotion yields a favourable per mile price of 1.2 US cents when buying more than 51,000 miles before the bonus. In fact, you can buy up to 550,000 Avianca LifeMiles for US$6,600 (~AU$9,369) including the bonus. You can easily get far more value than that when redeeming for Business and First Class flights.

Let’s say you want to book two Business Class tickets from Tokyo Haneda to Sydney with ANA.

You only need 40,000 miles per person to fly one-way from Asia to Australia.
  • You’ll need 80,000 miles in total.
  • But with a 175% bonus offer, you only need to buy 31,000 miles for US$1,023.
  • Add US$55 in taxes per person.
  • Add a US$25 booking fee overall.
  • That comes to US$1,158 or ~AU$1,644 for two – or just $822 per person.

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Offer history

Keeping an eye on the pulse of LifeMiles’ offers can help you be more informed about when to buy. Note there is a gap since we didn’t cover overseas offers during that stage of the pandemic.

DateCost per point
(USD cents)
December 20211.20Up to 175% bonus
September 20201.11Cheapest
Up to 200% bonus
Exclusive OMAAT offer
February 20201.38Exclusive OMAAT offer
November-December 20191.32
November 20191.35
October 20191.43Targeted
September-October 20191.35Targeted
August 20191.43Targeted
July 20191.35
February, March, April 2019

Summing up

Australia and New Zealand-based flyers can still enjoy well-priced sweet spots with Avianca LifeMiles. Just be mindful that your miles expire if you don’t earn any in a 12-month period. You might want to buy some miles once a year to keep your balance ticking over.

But our overall advice is still to only buy what you need and can use to redeem immediately. If you have a LifeMiles account, we highly recommend you search for reward seat availability before buying miles.

LifeMiles is probably better suited to Australia-Asia rewards, given you only need 90,000 miles return in Business. Taxes are about US$120 (AU$171) return per person, depending on the route. Of course, there are other sweet spots abroad – such as ANA’s fantastic First Class from the USA to Japan for 90,000 miles one-way.

It starts to get a bit pricey when you travel from Australia to further abroad. Business Class flights from our country to the US are 160,000 miles return, while to Europe it’s 177,500 miles return.

Because Avianca LifeMiles is based in Colombia, it can be tricky to get the right assistance in English if you make a mistake. But that’s what we’re here for! Check out our dedicated guide on how to buy Avianca Lifemiles if you need further help.

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