The world of frequent flyer points is made murky by the number of programs, credit cards, different rules, benefits, and promotions. All up, it’s a bit of a nightmare for the average consumer, so if you are new to frequent flyer programs, don’t despair if you’re feeling a little confused or slightly overwhelmed.

It can be quite hard to find a focal point of information where you can build your knowledge and extract the most value from these programs based on your travel and spend patterns. This is where Point Hacks can help!

We have designed an email course that will assist you in making the right frequent flyer decisions for your circumstances. And by the end of the course, we hope that it will allow you to accomplish your travel goals and dreams sooner.

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Who’s it for, and what will I understand by the end?

This course is totally free, and focused on Australian travellers.

It’s ground zero for understanding and deciding:

  1. Which rewards programs and points currencies will work for you
  2. How to earn more points and take advantage of benefits from your credit cards

The course is aimed at people who are not sure whether they are using loyalty programs, credit cards and points effectively.

If you are already comfortable with your choice of frequent flyer program and credit card, it may still be worth running through the course as a refresher, as it will likely provide you with some actionable information. Just note, however, that you are not the target audience for this content.

The course overview is as follows:

  1. Why points are worth bothering with, and how people get great value from them
  2. The basics of earning points – starting with frequent flyer program choice
  3. The factors to consider when choosing the right rewards credit card for you
  4. The key things to know about Qantas Frequent Flyer and Velocity Frequent Flyer programs, and how they can impact which points you might want to earn
  5. The different credit card loyalty programs and how they relate to Qantas Frequent Flyer and Velocity Frequent Flyer
  6. The basics of international frequent flyer programs – which are most important and give the most value to Australian travellers, along with why they are worth knowing about
  7. Basic considerations before choosing a rewards credit card
  8. Different credit cards that offer specific reasons to use them
  9. Discussing low, medium and high annual fee cards, and which might be right for you
  10. The basics of rewards credit ownership and usage once you’re using a card you’re happy with
  11. Types of rewards credit card ancillary benefits – lounge access, travel discounts, insurances and elite status
  12. Reward program account management – tips and tricks to keep on top of your balances
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How it works?

Our motivation at Point Hacks is to have more people have a greater understanding of frequent flyer and rewards programs so they can make better-informed decisions when it comes to transactions, purchases and deals that they may be presented with.

You’ll receive an email once very few days with new, bespoke content on the topics above.

Each email will be concise, to the point and tell you the basics of everything you need to know about that topic.

At the end of each piece, you’ll be prompted to take action based on what you’ve learnt, and do some further reading on intermediate and advanced concepts if you have time.

You can also reply to the email and ask any questions you need.

How long will it take to complete the course?

The full course of emails will take around 5 weeks to complete, and you will need around 15 minutes to read through each topic.

From there, you’ll have the option to read through more advanced topics and tricks that we have written about at Point Hacks, for which you could set aside another 15 minutes.

To do this properly, you’ll need to set aside around 30 minutes once every few days.

By the end of the five weeks, you’ll feel like you have a better understanding of the why, who with, and how, to earn more points.

Earn more rewards points from your credit card – sign up for this course here →

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