It’s been quiet around these parts the last couple of weeks. The last article I put up was just under 3 weeks ago, and the reason for the silence is due to a few things. I don’t usually get too personal on here, so bear with me.

For those who don’t want to read the full lot, to source your input I’ve created an audience feedback area. To get a sense of what it’s about, keep reading, otherwise feel free to dive right in.

So, above all else, I’ve been moving house. Yep, we’ve all done it, and yes, we all know it sucks. It is especially bad when you’re moving 4 people’s worth of stuff (if you’re a frequent reader, you know I have two small kids who haven’t seen the back of a plane). On top of this, I’ve also had a few day-job things to attend to.

As you can understand, family sanity and wellbeing comes top of the list.

I’ve also been reflecting on MH17 and the other events of the last few weeks. There really hasn’t been much to shout about, and these events bring many things into focus.

I’m not one to just write content for no real reason. Everyone’s time is too valuable for me to crank out content just because I feel I have to, and I want to ensure every digital contribution I make has value to someone. These events just dampen my willingness to write about (relatively) inconsequential matters.

What to write about is always a judgment call I need to make though, and it’s worth remembering who the audience is, and what they want. This site, after all, does help support my aforementioned family.

So, in good news, I’m about ready to resume normal service, and I’ve been working on a couple of things behind the scenes.

The first is ready to use – I’ve just finished off creating an audience feedback area. You can find this at, and on every page of the site – linked at the foot of the page, and with that neat little question mark bubble down the bottom right hand corner.

The feedback section allows you to:

  1. Contact me directly. A few people have sought out my email in the past, but this is a much better managed system for me than having to remember to deal with my inbox.
  2. Submit ideas for content, coverage, guides, offers or tools that you think you’d like to hear more about, and that others would also be interested in.
  3. Vote on other’s ideas. You all get votes to ‘spend’ on these ideas , so get in there and use them. The top voted ideas will definitely get my attention.

My intention is that, if you guys use this, it will factor when deciding where to spend direct my output. This isn’t to say Point Hacks is about to come a site that’s solely driven by audience demand – far from it, it’s still mine and I’ll still be writing guides that I think are needed, seeking out offers, and generally doing what I think is best.

However, it does give an easy way to corral ideas and feedback from you all, so I’m keen to see how you use it. Get stuck in here →.

That’s it. Thanks for your ongoing support!

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