If saving on your weekly shop is one of your main focuses right now, the new partnership between Accor Live Limitless and Everyday Rewards will come in handy.

You can now convert 2,000 ALL points to 4,000 Everyday Rewards points, which are worth $20 off at the checkout. This is Everyday Rewards’ first one-way points transfer partnership into the program.

Hannah Ross, Managing Director for Everyday Rewards, is keen to explain how shoppers can maximise their savings.

We’re delighted to welcome Accor, our first hotel partner, and ALL members to the Everyday Rewards program partnership. Scanning your Everyday Rewards card, boosting tailored offers and now transferring your ALL Reward points to Everyday Rewards can lead to hundreds of dollars in savings throughout the year.

– Hannah Ross, Managing Director Everyday Rewards, 20 May 2024
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When does it make sense to transfer points?

1. Cash value

At Point Hacks, our focus is on travel, of course. On that front, it makes sense to keep ALL points for hotel reservations if you plan to travel. That’s because 2,000 ALL points are worth €40 (around A$64) off future hotel bookings.

However, if you transfer that same amount to Everyday Rewards, you only get A$20 off groceries – far less value. The main scenario where it would make sense to do this conversion is if you don’t plan to travel and want to maximise your savings at the checkout.

Want to save even more at Woolworths? Sign up for Everyday Extra to get 10% off your shop each month and double Everyday Rewards points for each shop.

2. Qantas Points

What about with Qantas Points? From ALL to Qantas, it’s a 1:1 transfer. Nothing changes there.

  • 2,000 ALL points can be converted to 2,000 Qantas Points.

You can also get the same value from Accor to Qantas via the new Everyday Rewards route, though it involves an extra step.

  • 2,000 ALL points can be converted to 4,000 Everyday Rewards points.
  • 4,000 Everyday Rewards points can be converted to 2,000 Qantas Points.

The one advantage of going through Everyday Rewards is you can increase your eligibility for particular transfer promotions – such as the May 2024 competition, where each transfer from Everyday Rewards to Qantas is worth three entries to win 1 of 50 prizes of 1 million Qantas Points!

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