What are the best ways to maximise the value of Velocity Points for family travel around Asia?

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Hi – reasonably new to the site and looking for some inspiration from family point hackers out there.

Going to Vietnam this year with our two young boys (2 & 5) on Virgin and Singapore which we paid for – but thinking that it might be realistic for us to travel overseas once every two years on points and pay every other year. Recently got a Amex Platinum Edge card and also a Virgin Flyer Visa which we put all our spending and bills through.

I’m going to focus on flying Virgin domestically and build velocity points and amex reward points.

Interested to hear what families on a high-average income do to maximise their points /where they get to and how often, and any tips for best value redemptions in the Asia Pacific region. I think for the next few years we’ll focus on a few trips to Asia and possibly the US.


  • Great question. We have a couple of posts right on this very topic coming up in the next week, with real-world examples. They are admittedly Qantas-focused but that’s not the point of them, they are applicable generally. So keep an eye out for those!

  • Thanks Keith! Will look forward to reading the posts.

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Great Response

Hi Hobartash,

I’ve read your post with interest as you and I seem to be similar in just starting out in the whole points game.

I have both the same cards as you and a similar plan to take the family to Asia, Hong Kong specifically. We are using the Platinum Edge for as many purchases as possible, including buy Coles gift cards for use at Cole Express to get an extra point per $ (or even an extra 2 points with local champion).

Researching with Singapore on business class from ADL to HKG and the taxes etc are massive when compared to booking with Cathay through Asia Miles. I know both are good airlines however the direct flight from ADL with Cathay wins out with convenience when travelling with young kids.

Anyway, I wish you well on your points accumulation and am interested to hear how you get on.



  • Hi and thanks for the response Simon,
    A couple of years ago my wife and I managed to get double upgrades (economy to business) on Qantas from Syd – Buenos Aries and return using points. Lucky for us no one was travelling in First so we got double bumped.

    No though our focus is to get the family on a plane so our business dreams will go on hold for a while.

    Good idea on buying the Coles cards to get petrol, as we’re focussing on Velocity we’re going to BP and using the Amex, so get the two points on the Amex and then additional 1.5 (?) by swiping the Velocity card. I’ll have to look into the local champion though, I don’t know much about that.

    Good luck on your points build too and equally interested to hear how you get on.

    All the best,

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