Does anyone know the order of upgrade from economy to business on Virgin Flights?

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Does anyone know the order of upgrade from economy to business on Virgin Flights.
It is possible to upgrade with points or a premium bid, but which one takes precedence.

I am a silver Velocity member so what effect does that have?
There are three classes of economy fare, does the amount paid for an economy fare carry any weight when recipients of an upgrade are determined? I have had flights where the first leg is upgraded with points but I am waitlisted for the return leg.

All is a bit of a mystery to me. I don’t mind paying a bit extra for business class but I think the full price is a bit much.

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I suggest visiting/reading the following pages:

It seems that Points takes precedence and is confirmed of upgrade at the time of request if there are availability. Bidding outcome is only informed of within 24 hours of flight.


When it comes to upgrades, there are three types of economy fares.

  • Saver Lite are the cheapest tickets, now sold only on trans-Tasman flights and can’t be upgraded using points.
  • Saver fares are the de facto economy ticket and can be upgraded using points on domestic flights only.
  • Flexi fares are the most expensive and allow domestic and international upgrades by both points and Platinum upgrade certificates (more on that later).


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