'Status Matching' between airline frequent flyer programs - your experiences?


Hi Community,

I’ve recently become aware of the possibility of having your tier status with one airline matched by another airline (with a view to getting your custom and your $$).  Having just read about the Qantas Gold status match offer for NZ residents, I’ve been wondering what experiences people in Australia have had with status matching.

I know there are a few websites that purport to provide up to date information about various person’s requests for status match among airlines frequent flyer programs, but the information provided on the websites is really quite basic and uninformative.  Most of the material I’ve read is from the United States and UK/Europe where competition is arguably a lot stronger than in Australia/Oceania.  

If you’ve ever requested a status match, perhaps you could share your experience and say what information you provided and the length of time it took to have a decision made (whether negative or positive).  

The only higher tier status I hold is with Etihad Airways (Gold), which is very useful when flying Etihad (and Virgin domestically and internationally), but that’s about it!  I’d really love to be able to status match to an airline that is part of oneworld or star alliance for greater value from the tier status.

Any input would be appreciated!

Thanks guys,


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I matched my QF SG to VA SG a few years ago… but haven’t seen another open VA status match come up since… there have been a few targeted VA ones to gov employees etc…

I also matched my QF WP to TK Gold status about 18months or so ago no issues, they still do that match now from what I saw recently…

I tried to match my QF WP to EY Gold last time they offered the status match but never heard back, funny because I told my friend who was QF SG at the time to try and he got his… EY have a new status match off on atm, may have to try that again…

You can do status challenges with AA, do so many points/segments in a 3 month period…

Hope that helps…

  • +1 for using SG and WP abbreviations :)

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