How do I 'Book the Cook' or select food for a first class flight for Thai Air when I have booked through United points?

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  • I am not sure about Thai – but on my recent Singapore redemption flight it was on the manage your booking page, where you selected your seat and dietary restrictions.
    I just googled Thai Book the Cook and found this:
    A forum from 2013 stating that book the cook was no longer offered for award flights.
    If you cant find it in the manage your booking section, it may not be available!

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First you need the Thai Airways PNR. If you go to and put your United PNR and surname in it should bring up your booking. Click on one of the Thai Airways segments and you should see the PNR associated with that.

Now go to Click on Manage My Booking at the top. You will see 3 icons on the left hand side. Click on Thai Special Services. Now input your PNR and Surname. This will open the page where you can select the pre order meals.

Note: Do your seat selection first (which is done from the standard My Booking bit – the top of the 3 selections) as it has been known to clear your meal selection if done afterwards.

  • Wow, thankyou.

    I never knew about the check my trip site, A*

    Thank you again

  • You can also get the partner flight PNR from the UA site (though is a nice trick, kudos for that tip!)

    Go to the UA “view current reservation” page with your UA PNR.
    Under the UA PNR it should have a line saying “This reservation contains partner flights. View additional confirmation numbers.”
    Click “view additional confirmation numbers” and it will give a pop-up box showing the additional PNRs.

    Coincidentally I just did this to get the PNR for a TG award booked through UA.

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