Is there a way to see individual points earn on transactions with Amex Platinum Edge ?

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Hi All

I might be missing something but is there a way to see the individual point earn for each transaction somewhere? All I can see is the points total and it’s hard to tell sometimes how many points you earn land on your balance.

Does anyone also know how many amex reward points you earn shopping at Target?

Thanks in Advance…

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Click on Your Points Balance which is on the right hand side next to your current balance. This will give you your point transaction list, however not a list of which retailer will give you bonus points.

For reference

Target is $1 = 1 MR

  • Thanks jbman! So obvious now I’m embarrassed. Good to know how many bonus points certain retailers are earning – didn’t know our local bottle shop is 3 pts per $ (BWS), but they are owned by Woolworths.

    Many thanks.

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From you account’s home page, click on “Your Points Balance” which will be in blue. Do this using a web browser on a computer, not from your phone.

This then gives you a table of your recent transactions, with points earned per transaction.

From memory, with the Edge card, Target shopping earns 1 point per dollar. To boost your points earning when shopping at Target, look for the guides here that explain the benefits of buying a  Target gift card at a major supermarket, then use that gift card at Target.

Regards, Bluenose.


  • Thanks Bluenose, very helpful. Shows that Target is 1 pt per $. They had itunes cards on sale, so added them to my itunes account to pay for our music subscriptions as one of the recent guides published suggested. Best value will of course come when Coles or Woolies have them on sale and I can get the 3pts per $ and get the discount too.

    Thanks for the response!

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