Get great deals on premium and complex airfares with Luke at TravelManagers Australia

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We’re beginning to bring you more flight deals here at Point Hacks. As part of our goal to help you travel better for less, I’m pleased to let you know we’ve joined forces with a travel agent who ‘gets it’ when it comes to points, status and premium travel.

Luke Vaughan works with TravelManagers Australia, a fully accredited team of independent travel agents, and specialises in out-of-the ordinary flight and hotel deals – although he can deal with ordinary too.

Note that Luke can’t help with frequent flyer points redemption questions, but is happy to advise on all your paid airfare and hotel needs.

Luke can also get you extra perks like free buffet breakfasts and spa treatments when booking luxury hotels.

About Luke

Luke has spent 11 years working in travel, including travel management in both leisure and corporate travel environments. He’s consulted to multiple online travel businesses providing expertise on discount fare structures (think Flightfox and others).

His speciality is creating cost-effective solutions to difficult, complex or normally expensive travel needs, especially:

  • Round-the-world fares
  • Multi-stop itineraries
  • Mixed-class routings
  • Discounted first and business class

His goals:

  • Provide personalised service for clients contact at any time, 365 days a year
  • Find ways to help clients afford to travel in style: everyone deserves an incredible price or an incredible seat, and ideally both

Some examples of the kind of options Luke can offer

This is where it can get really interesting, and Luke will be showing where and how to find some of these deals in future posts.

So, some examples of recent wins for his clients:

  • oneworld mixed economy/business class to Europe for AUD$2843
  • An itinerary earning 600 Velocity status credits on one ticket for $2,660. Easily enough to qualify for Velocity Gold, and well on the way to Platinum
  • An itinerary that would earn Qantas Platinum from scratch on one ticket for under $6,000

Luke is backed by TravelManagers Australia who are fully accredited with IATA, AFTA and CLIA members. TravelManagers agents can provide assistance with hotel, cruise and air bookings.

Things to note!

  • Luke will try to respond to your enquiry within one business day
  • He doesn’t handle domestic Economy airfares – they are more economically booked online yourself

I’ve had several conversations with Luke to see where his passion and experience lies (and I’m confident he’ll be a great fit for what Point Hacks readers could be looking for), I’m not a long-term client of his so can’t vouch for ongoing quality of service.

Point Hacks doesn’t make commissions of the bookings for readers that work with Luke, but does earn a small customer referral fee for each new customer Luke ends up working with.

I’d encourage anyone who does end up using Luke and TravelManagers to make a booking to report back on your experience in the comments below.

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