Three fine dining privileges that come with the Citi Prestige Visa Infinite card

Continuing this week’s focus on the benefits of the Citi Prestige Visa Infinite card, in this guide, we outline three perks that having this card in your wallet will get you at some of the world’s top restaurants.

Perk 1: Free bottle of wine at partner restaurants


This benefit is actually for all Citi cardholders, including the Citi Prestige.

You will receive one free bottle of wine per table from a participating restaurant’s Citi selection when ordering a minimum of one main course per person or spending over $50 at restaurants with a sharing menu (e.g. yum cha or tapas), and paying with a Citi card.

Here is an example of the complimentary wines offered when dining at Bennelong in Sydney:


No split bills are allowed and the bottle must be requested at the time of ordering. There is no need to make a booking beforehand to get the complimentary bottle of wine.

The partner restaurants are in Australia only and can can be found on the Citibank Dining website or Citibank AU app for iOS and Android.

Perk 2: Priority bookings at 100 best restaurants globally

Getting a booking at these top restaurants can be difficult at the best of times, so having the Visa Concierge take care of it takes some of the stress out.

The largest number of these restaurants are found in Australia, North America, Japan, the UK, Singapore, China and Hong Kong, with smaller numbers in Western Europe, India and Peru.

There are three tiers, and it looks like they are in this order:

  • Best Restaurants
  • Remarkable
  • Hidden Gem

Here is the full table of the 100 restaurants:

RestaurantBest RestaurantsCityCountry
OranaBest RestaurantsAdelaideAustralia
EsquireBest RestaurantsBrisbaneAustralia
BraeBest RestaurantsMelbourneAustralia
CookieHidden GemMelbourneAustralia
Daity SichuanHidden GemMelbourneAustralia
Press ClubBest RestaurantsMelbourneAustralia
Tipo 00Hidden GemMelbourneAustralia
BentleyBest RestaurantsSydneyAustralia
Cafe PaciBest RestaurantsSydneyAustralia
Cho Cho SanRemarkableSydneyAustralia
Mr. WongRemarkableSydneyAustralia
Ms G'sRemarkableSydneyAustralia
Rockpool Bar & GrillBest RestaurantsSydneyAustralia
Spice TempleBest RestaurantsSydneyAustralia
ViniHidden GemSydneyAustralia
Cuisine Wat DamnakBest RestaurantsSiem ReapCambodia
Joe BeefRemarkableMontrealCanada
Bar IsabelRemarkableTorontoCanada
Momofuku ShotoBest RestaurantsTorontoCanada
AmberBest RestaurantsHong KongChina
Ho Lee FookRemarkableHong KongChina
Serge Et Le PhoqueRemarkableHong KongChina
Tenku RyuginBest RestaurantsHong KongChina
YardbirdBest RestaurantsHong KongChina
Bo InnovationBest RestaurantsHong KongChina
Mr & Mrs BundBest RestaurantsShanghaiChina
Fu He HuiBest RestaurantsShanghaiChina
HakkasanBest RestaurantsShanghaiChina
The EightBest RestaurantsMacauChina
Robuchon Au DomeBest RestaurantsMacauChina
Temple Restaurant BeijingBest RestaurantsBeijingChina
Duck de ChineRemarkableBeijingChina
Opera BombanaRemarkableBeijingChina
Capital MRemarkableBeijingChina
RelaeBest RestaurantsCopenhagenDenmark
StudioBest RestaurantsCopenhagenDenmark
Alain Ducasse au Plaza AtheneeBest RestaurantsParisFrance
Le CinqBest RestaurantsParisFrance
Porte 12Hidden GemParisFrance
Indian AccentBest RestaurantsNew DelhiIndia
BukharaBest RestaurantsNew DelhiIndia
HajimeBest RestaurantsOsakaJapan
QuintessenceBest RestaurantsTokyoJapan
L'EffervescenceBest RestaurantsTokyoJapan
NarisawaBest RestaurantsTokyoJapan
Nihonryori RyuginBest RestaurantsTokyoJapan
JimbochodenBest RestaurantsTokyoJapan
MasudaBest RestaurantsTokyoJapan
Unagi KabutoHidden GemTokyoJapan
IrifuneHidden GemTokyoJapan
NakashimaBest RestaurantsHiroshimaJapan
ChihanaBest RestaurantsKyotoJapan
Kikunoi HontenBest RestaurantsKyotoJapan
Mishimatei HontenHidden GemKyotoJapan
Le MuseeBest RestaurantsSapporoJapan
JungsikBest RestaurantsSeoulKorea
RyuniqueBest RestaurantsSeoulKorea
Gastrid y GastonBest RestaurantsLimaPeru
CentralBest RestaurantsLimaPeru
MaidoBest RestaurantsLimaPeru
Antonio'sBest RestaurantsTagaytayPhilippines
White RabbitBest RestaurantsMoscowRussia
BinchoHidden GemSingaporeSingapore
Iggy'sBest RestaurantsSingaporeSingapore
Imperial Treasure Super Peking DuckBest RestaurantsSingaporeSingapore
JaanBest RestaurantsSingaporeSingapore
Les AmisBest RestaurantsSingaporeSingapore
LollaHidden GemSingaporeSingapore
Osteria MozzaBest RestaurantsSingaporeSingapore
Restaurant AndreBest RestaurantsSingaporeSingapore
Shelter in the WoodsHiddem GemSingaporeSingapore
SorrelHidden GemSingaporeSingapore
Tippling ClubBest RestaurantsSingaporeSingapore
NihonbashiBest RestaurantsColomboSri Lanka
Bo.lanBest RestaurantsBangkokThailand
Eat MeBest RestaurantsBangkokThailand
GagganBest RestuarantsBangkokThailand
Issaya Siamese ClubBest RestaurantsBangkokThailand
NahmBest RestaurantsBangkokThailand
Shoun RyuginBest RestaurantsTaipeiTaiwan
MUMEHidden GemTaipeiTaiwan
RawHidden GemTaipeiTaiwan
Le MoutBest RestaurantsTaichungTaiwan
Barrafina (Soho)RemarkableLondonUnited Kingdom
CevicheRemarkableLondonUnited Kingdom
Helene Darroze at the ConnaughtBest RestaurantsLondonUnited Kingdom
SketchRemarkableLondonUnited Kingdom
Taberna Do MercadoRemarkableLondonUnited Kingdom
The Clove ClubRemarkableLondonUnited Kingdom
The WolseleyRemarkableLondonUnited Kingdom
L'enclumeBest RestaurantsCumbriaUnited Kingdom
The TableRemarkableMumbaiIndia
Wasabi by MorimotoBest RestaurantsMumbaiIndia
Per SeBest RestaurantsNew YorkUnited States of America
Le BernardinBest RestaurantsNew YorkUnited States of America
Jean GeorgesBest RestaurantsNew YorkUnited States of America
DanielBest RestaurantsNew YorkUnited States of America
NomadRemarkableNew YorkUnited States of America
Blue HillRemarkableNew YorkUnited States of America
EstelaHidden GemNew YorkUnited States of America
FedoraHidden GemNew YorkUnited States of America
SakaguraHidden GemNew YorkUnited States of America
LuksusHidden GemNew YorkUnited States of America
Charlie BirdHidden GemNew YorkUnited States of America
La PergolaBest RestaurantsRomeItaly
ImagoBest RestaurantsRomeItaly
Roca MooBest RestaurantsBarcelonaSpain
ABaCBest RestaurantsBarcelonaSpain
ArolaBest RestaurantsBarcelonaSpain
EnotecaBest RestaurantsBarcelonaSpain

Visa Infinite cardholders can make priority bookings through Visa Concierge by calling 1800 639 607 or by emailing [email protected]

As can be expected, the meal must be paid with a Visa Infinite card. There is a fee for bookings cancelled within 48 hours.

Perk 3: Customised experiences


With your Visa Infinite card, you’ll get customised experiences and amenities at 30 of the world’s top restaurants, which include meet the chef events, private tours, signed menus and complimentary desserts.

Exactly which 30 restaurants haven’t been confirmed to us! We’ve asked, but haven’t got confirmation yet. We’ll update this guide as soon as we know more.

Here’s how the Visa Infinite website describes the benefit:

Your Visa Infinite card is your entrée to exceptional culinary experiences, exhilarating new projects led by Canada’s most famous chefs and the country’s most highly anticipated new restaurants. From smoke and spice and a world of flavour, we’ve set the tables for extraordinary dining experiences that you can’t wait to savour.

Summing up

We all like to eat out, so enjoying some perks that come with being a Visa Infinite cardholder like a free bottle of wine, a special experience and priority booking at some of Australia’s and the world’s best restaurants is the icing on the cake.

Three fine dining privileges that come with the Citi Prestige Visa Infinite card was last modified: November 30th, 2017 by Matt Moffitt