How to buy American Express Membership Rewards points from Amex directly – useful for transfers to other frequent flyer programs

American Express Membership Rewards cards have a somewhat hidden option—you can buy points to top up your account for a redemption, and the cost is not actually that unreasonable.

This is possible for Membership Rewards-linked cards, and at AU$25 for 1,000 points, or 2.5c per point, they are not worth buying speculatively. It’s still cheaper than buying from the airline though, and there are some circumstances where buying points at this price does make sense.

In this guide I’ll run through why you might want to make a points purchase and how to do it. Continue reading…

American Express Membership Rewards international points & account transfers – a primer, with my experience

I am a UK expat, and have lived in Australia for a fair few years now. For some reason American Express in the UK allowed me to maintain a UK Credit Card tied to Membership Rewards and even target me with a few new card offers here and there.

I had a stash of UK based Membership Rewards points which I wanted to move out of my UK account so I could close it down, and a did a bit of digging around to look into the best way of keeping them.

I could have transferred them into Avios, Starwood or some other programs but eventually found out about, and settled on, an international transfer to my Australian account. I figured up I’d write up what I learned in the process.
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