What happens to your Amex Gateway points if you change to an Amex Ascent card?

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I’ve been looking at getting my first rewards credit card and am trying to work out the best way to maximise points without too many records on my credit file. I was originally looking at Qantas FF cards, but am now leaning towards a flexible points program for greater flexibility.

I really like the look of the American Express Platinum Edge card, but you only get 10,000 bonus points on signup. To take advantage of the “new to Amex” bonus, looks like the Explorer card would be a good alternative (100,000 Gateway points).

My question is this: if I get the Explorer card now, and then in 10-12 months cancel it and get the Platinum Edge card instead, what happens to those points I’ve accrued in the Gateway rewards scheme? Do they stay in a separate account (even though I would no longer have the Explorer card) and then I can transfer them to whichever program I choose when ready? Or do they disappear? Or something else?

Hope that makes sense, and thanks in advance.


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Hi Bryce,

There are 3 possible scenarios I could foresee.

  1. They sweep your MRG to MR -> winning. Non-standard procedure and they are not required to do this.
  2. They allow annual transfers to other accounts up to 50000 pts. However, if it goes from MRG to MR, they charge $5 per 1000 points to transfer. So this may be one of the options they offer to you.
  3. If you hold a MRG earning card and a MR earning card, sometimes they separate the accounts for you instead of them pooling into the same account. However, if this is the case and you cancel your MRG earning card, any remaining points may be forfeited if you have not transferred it before it was cancelled.

Best to ask Amex if you want an official answer.

  • Hi w-hiew,

    Thanks for the information. Having read the terms & conditions I came to the same conclusion – they might transfer the points, but they don’t have to. And they might charge you for it, but they might not.

    I’ve just received the Explorer card, so I guess I’ll find out in 12 months!

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