Will Delta be able to see my Velocity Gold Status even if I only have my Red card?

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I understand what my velocity status gets me for Delta US domestic flights, however I will qualify for Gold with my flights over to the states by family pooling our business class flights (currently Red with 235 status credits).

As I will only have my Red card will Delta be able to see/look up my status so I can take advantage of the benefits?

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Once you reach gold and that VA number is in your reservation, Sky Priority will be printed on your boarding pass. This will allow lounge access. I have never had to show my gold card to access a delta lounge when travelling in economy.

  • Thank you for your answers. My concern was we are taking 6 domestic flights with Delta (1 in first class), so for 5 flights I will get the bags checked for free as Gold rather than USD 25 x 2 per flight.

    So without status recognition ill be up for an extra USD 250

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Unfortunately Delta, or any other VA partner airlines for that matter do not have access to Velocity member status benefits.

Benefits with partner airlines are only recognised if you have the valid card with you showing your elite level.

Also from my experience the status credits earned from the Delta flights will likely take 8-10 working days to post to your Velocity account.

  • Are you sure about that?

    Booking on Delta’s site and entering one’s Velocity number immediately results in the benefits afforded with Velocity status becoming visible.

    For instance, I added my Velocity number and immediately my booking displayed “Platinum Medallion / Elite Plus”.

  • I’m intrigued, I was in the same position as fatone when I was flying Delta first in the US.
    I contacted VA admin before to ask if I would be able to access any lounges after I passed the SC needed for Gold.
    Their answer was that I would need the card and also that the SC would take a couple of weeks to appear in my account, which I think it was actually 8 working days.
    I also have another booking with Delta coming up in May and have checked the booking online but can’t find any recognition of my VA Status.
    Where have you seen your VA status recognition show up on your Delta bookings?

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