How do I calculate KrisFlyer or Velocity points earned for these Virgin Australia domestic flights?

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Can anyone please advise either the number (or how I calculate the number) of FF points I accrue to each of the following options:

  • Option 1 – Kris Flyer silver tier
  • Option 2 – Velocity lowest tier

for the itinerary

  • Perth to Melbourne ticket discount economy
  • Mel to Hobart ticket discount economy
  • Hobart to Perth ticket discount economy

Why am I asking this stupid question?  I have to nominate to which FF scheme I accrue my  soon to occur Virgin flights.  Given most of my redemption’s are for SQ flights in Business and utilise Virgin point transfer when I have them in my account; if the accrual direct to Kris Flyer is better than 0.74 x the accrual to Velocity I will nominate Kris Flyer for the points.  If Kris Flyer accrual is less than 0.74 x accrual to Velocity I will nominate Velocity.

Any answer would be most helpful.  Thanks Warren

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Good Response

OK let’s take one example and hopefully you can figure out the rest.

Perth to Melbourne is 1670 miles, so would earn:

  • 5 points per $ spent as a Velocity red member
  • 50% of miles flown (probably, need to check booking ticket class), so 835 KF miles, no bonus for Silver


  • Thankyou – I shall go away and perform the math


  • Having done the math for the full trip it appears that it is better to accrue pints to Virgin then convert them to KrisFlyer (2044 points if booked straight to KrisFlyer at check in versus 2659 points if booked to my Virgin account at check in then subsequently converted into Krisflyer points) . My tickets are the cheapest fare available and the difference would only be increased with higher economy fares. Clearly it is worth doing the check on large fare international flights before making a decision


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