Which miles should I buy for best value for flights from Singapore to Brisbane?

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In January 2017 we will be cruising Sydney to Singapore, and flying back to BNE after a few days – about 11 Feb, with award booking about middle of March.

Our credit card spend and paid flights are minimal these days so we rely on points purchase (hopefully with bonuses). I have managed to use Alaska Air in the past and have current Cathay Pacific booking Brisbane to San Francisco (with stopover in Hong Kong), but understand we can only use Alaska award chart listings to book and they don’t seem to have SIN-BNE on their chart.

Booking through American doesn’t seem viable either.

We have membership with Avianca, but not used them via purchase points.

We have flown OOL-SIN on scootbiz which was OK, and if no awards are available we can do the reverse, but we would like to finish off our trip in real comfort..

Hoping someone can “point” (pardon the pun) me in the right direction!



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Keith and Michael

Many thanks for your replies, I have been away for a few days so sorry for delay in acknowledging your help.

I know I took a punt with Alaska before in that I paid before I booked and was lucky! AA looks a bit dicey and has higher cost.

This time I like the “hold” facility on AA, and will look seriously at Singapore/Avianca.

Problem is that Point/discount bonus offers may not be available when I can book (about 18/3/16).

Should I wait till the next “offer”is available, or bite the bullet and book for the dates while I can? – also looks like Chinese New year time, could be busy – decisions, decisions!

Have either of you any guesses when the next AA or Avianca offers (after approx 18/3) will be???

I really appreciate your comments and suggestions


  • The next AA offer is right now. They have been very aggressive in selling miles due to the pending devaluation. Last one ended in Jan 29, and within 5 days, they have another one. So you can almost bet your bottom dollar there will be another back to back sale.

    LM is a bit more consistent. Based on past experiences, you see one in May, Sept and Dec. But they also run 2 share mile offers each year, usually Feb/Mar and Jul/Aug. So I expect the share mile offer to be coming very soon. (Share mile offer is, you transfer mile from account A to B, and the recipient receives the bonus. It’s usually 100% bonus, so you transfer 1000 miles, recipient gets 2000. You can then transfer back and you get 4000 and so on. Each 1000 miles transferred cost $15 to do, so you don’t wanna transfer without the bonus.) But to share mile, you must have at least 1000 pre-existing mile. This is easy to do, you can simply buy 1000 miles for $33 and start rolling.

    The reason I love LM over others is the mile and cash option. All you need is 40% miles needed. In your case, SIN-BNE you only need 16000 miles and pay the rest in cash. The top up rate is as low as 1.5 cents each when you use ~45-55% mile. It goes up a bit at 40% but you still only pay 1.56 cents per mile, so almost as cheap as buying with bonus. So if no bonus offer before you book, you can always just buy 16k at RRP (3.3 cents each) then top up the rest with cash.

  • Michael

    Thanks again for your reply.

    The current AA offer will be over by the time I can book. I would like to be able to confirm/hold flights , and then purchase the points

    As it will be a direct flight, I am interested in LM and will watch them closely.

    Thanks again


  • Michael, one quick query.

    I have credited 1000 points in both accounts, and ready to go.
    With the 100% share bonus (if it happens), I then buy 20000 points and transfer them to my wife. She gets 40000 points and transfers them to me. I then get 80000 points and redeem them for two fares.
    Do I have to leave 40000 points in each account?
    Have I got this right?

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Alaska – you could join two redemptions – SIN-HKG and HKG-BNE – but at higher cost.

American – should be viable and would allow SIN-HKG-BNE on one itinerary, as they are in the same region on the AA award chart. The price for this redemption is not changing dramatically either with the devaluation changes coming up in March.

Avianca is a little more complex, but you should be able to search for award availability online before purchasing when they next do a miles purchase deal. More Singapore Airlines award seats have been coming up I hear.

  • Yes. Currently Singapore airline is wide open to Avianca Lifemiles. Almost every day if can see 2-4 flights a day between BNE and SIN. They will also allow you to fly Thai via BKK.

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