Car rental excess insurance reduction options?


I’m looking for advice on the best options for car rental excess reduction. I usually rely on my ANZ credit card insurance but just found out that it won’t cover me for SVA (Single vehicle accident), which means I could be up for $7000+ in excess….

Hertz is who I’ve been renting with recently, mainly for the KF/MH points per rental… Do all of the majors have the SVA excess? Is there a rental company that I can use my ANZ credit card insurance to cover me? Or should I be looking for some other policy to cover me? or just take the $30/day or whatever it is coverage from Hertz etc?

  • If you have an ANZ premium card it's free, great inclusion.

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    • 3 years ago

    Yes I have both ANZ black cards but it doesn't cover SVA, something you should be ware of if you didn't know... hence why i'm looking for alternatives...

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