Any experience applying for both NAB and Amex and getting sign up bonus points?

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Hi, was looking to sign up for the NAB current offer of 75,000 velocity points with the aim to head to Europe next year business class requiring 140,000 velocity points.

This morning I was going to apply for the NAB and then came across the new American Express Explorer Credit Card write up. Hopefully someone can clarify my thinking:

Exact same points
Difference in annual fee $150 v $395
Now I can effectively access both promotions..

What is other peoples experience in applying for NAB meet the requirements and then applying for American Express? Is this a straightforward process?

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Hi Simon,

You can definitely do both at the same time. As long as you are approved the cards and you satisfy all the pre-qualifier (e.g. min. spend in 1st few months, not hold a similar card in the last 12 or so months), you should get the signup bonus. For more info, check out the individual T&C.

If you are mainly asking whether the NAB Amex ‘clashes’ with Amex Explorer or other non-bank Amex, I can tell you they are different.

The 18 month condition set for the Amex Explorer indicates that the applicant cannot hold a non-bank Amex card (e.g. Amex Plat Charge, Amex Plat Edge) in the last 18 months.

Personally, they were both fairly straight forward, from memory. The most they would ask for is your proof of income.

  • Hi w-hiew,

    Thanks for the information. One thing you said that I’d like some clarification on is;

    “The 18 month condition set for the Amex Explorer indicates that the applicant cannot hold a non-bank Amex card (e.g. Amex Plat Charge, Amex Plat Edge) in the last 18 months.”

    I’ve always been unsure on the 12 month conditions set in the T’s & C’s for Amex cards. Like Simon, I’m looking to pick up American Express Explorer. But I currently have the Qantas American Express Premium and the David Jones American Express Platinum cards, which I’ll cancel later this week.

    Does the 18-month waiting period apply still? Since these are non-bank Amex cards. Is it a standalone Amex card, having ‘Qantas’ and ‘David Jones’ Amex before American Express?

  • Hi Andrew,

    Sorry if I have left a bit of ambiguity.

    Keith mentioned in his article :
    Offer not available to existing American Express-issued card holders, or those who have held an American Express-issued card within the last 18 months

    My understanding of this is if you are a holder of any cards listed on in the last 18 months, you would not qualify for the sign up bonus.

  • Thanks w-hiew,

    I thought as much, it was also my understanding that’s how Amex operated. Guess I was hopeful.

    Cheers mate.

  • I’m probably going to do the same thing Simon after reading your post. I’ve just applied for the Explorer.

    The NAB card specifies ‘everyday’ purchases. It only specifies gambling or gaming as exclusions in its T&C’s I believe.

    I have a number of exams coming up, costing $2000 each. I was planning to use this to meet the purchase criteria for each card.

    Can anyone confirm that a once off purchase like this would activate the points bonus?

  • Yes these ‘once off’ payments should qualify for ‘everyday purchases’. There is no fancy/strict way of qualifying for everyday purchases. I.e. most purchases would qualify.

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