What can I do with 35,000 Asiana Club miles, which is expiring soon?

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I’ve got 35,000 on my account expiring soon, and my partner also has 35,000.

Does anyone have any idea what I can do with them before they’re gone, if anything?


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Assuming that you’re in Australia, and remembering that Asiana is a Star Alliance airline, 35,000 Asiana Miles will get you to exactly one destination: New Zealand. You’ll need 25,000 points for a return trip in Economy, or 22,500 points for a one-way trip in Business. In fact, going one-way in Economy and the other way in Business will cost you exactly 35,000 points! The relevant points table is here (set your origin to “South Pacific”).

Another possible option is that you pay to fly to somewhere in Asia, and then use your Asiana points to fly to somewhere else in Asia.

If you choose the NZ option, your best (only?) options are Air NZ, and (if you live in or can get to Melbourne) Singapore Airlines. I haven’t done any Star Alliance trans-Tasman searches for a while, but from memory the Singapore Airlines availability was pretty good. Why not treat yourselves to a weekend in Wellington?

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That’s amazing, thanks so much for your reply. Would love to visit Wellington.

Sorry I didn’t give enough info.  Yes we live in Melbourne. We also would need to take our 3 year old daughter, but wouldn’t have any points for her. Would we just need to pay for her flight on a separate booking, or could I use my Qantas or Velocity points for this somehow?

Also excuse the ignorance, but from which website would I book the flights using Asiana points?

Thank you


  • Hi Chris,
    Yes, you’ll need a separate booking for your daughter — you’ll either have to pay for her or use your Velocity points.
    You won’t be able to use your Qantas points for an Air NZ or Singapore flight. You’ll be able to use your Velocity points with Singapore Airlines or, until October 27, with Air NZ. One little tip is that Singapore Airlines opens up more award seats to KrisFlyer members than Velocity members, so you might need to convert your Velocity points to KrisFlyer — just see how you go.
    As for booking a flight using Asiana points, unfortunately you can’t do that online — you’ll need to call Asiana. Their Australian office is 02 9260 4300.
    All the best!

  • I tried to enquire on the phone with Velocity about the Melbourne-Wellington route with Singapore Airlines using points but they said that route wasn’t available to book at all. I tried the website too and it didn’t come up.
    Do you think I just need to call up and speak to someone else?

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