How to add two travellers to Qantas booking for Aquire points earn

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Hi Everyone,

I’ve booked (paid) for a flight to Fiji (business class) to Fiji in March this year. Late last year, I signed up to Aquire to earn their sign-up bonus as I have an ABN.

Asking from a points maximisation perspective, should I add my ABN to the booking? Will this earn me Aquire points and will it earn Aquire points on top of the Qantas Frequent Flyer points I will receive from the flight?


  • How did you book the flight - as a Qantas codeshare?
  • Yes, through the Qantas website run by Fiji Airways
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Yes, add your ABN and you will earn Aquire points in addition to your normal QFF points. You can then transfer the Aquire points to any QFF account you want later one. Note that you need to earn at least 20k points from flying and at least 2 travelers before you can transfer them out.

Also you need to have a QFF number in the booking or you won’t earn Aquire points (this means you can’t earn aquire if crediting your flight to another airlines program like AA…

  • I have my Qantas FF number in the booking so that covers that. My wife is flying with me. She has a QFF account. Can I add my ABN to her ticket which was purchased separately?
  • I think the way to accomplish this is to add her Qantas FF number to your Aquire account as a traveller. Then ensure her QFF number is in the booking. Then you should be set, and you'll gain her as a traveller on the Aquire account to meet the two travellers rule as F stated above.
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    You don't need to add any people/FF numbers to your Aquire account to earn points, only when you want to transfer them. Just as long as her QFF number is in her booking and your ABN is in there, you should earn Aquire points.
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