Are council rates classed as government spend by AMEX?

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Hi, I wanted to know if council rates (Mine takes AMEX) is classed as government spend

on the website it says
Post Office
etc are 0.5
what is councils classed under?



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Hi Steve,

I can’t tell you for sure – the only way to really know is to give it a try (or get a neighbour to try :P). Technically, as they’re local government, they should only receive 0.5:1, but I know of lots of people who’ve had various random utilities/telcos come through at 1:1.

FWIW, I pay my rates using PayPal via PostBillPay (my council is listed on this site). This makes sure I get the 1:1 (using Edge). The only other option to be 100% sure is to just use a bank black Amex like ANZ/Westpac etc. (if you have one).

  • Steve
    I have never had any luck with a couple of different Amex cards over the years getting 1:1 with Amex. only o.5:1 on coucil rates ,and the council charges 1.5% so not such good value. Bankwest m/c (C’weath) earns 1:1 on council rates and ATO.
    Darren’s comment above using Paypal also makes a lot of sense

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Yup did a tester and it was only 0.5. Was trying to get my spend for the explorer card. Should have done paypal. but i thought even if you do that through postbillpay it’s still 0.5.

moral of the story is – use bank issued card.

  • I was using a bank-issued Amex for council rates, but with the recent changes, I’ve stopped using it and had to investigate using my Amex-issued card, avoiding the reduced points for government spend. Payments made using your Amex to Post Billpay is still government spend because Australia Post is a government agency. I now pay my council rates using the Post Billpay option, BUT payment method is PayPal (with attached Amex). That way, Amex is paying PayPal (not a government agency) and PayPal is paying Australia Post. I’ve now paid this way for the first time and received full points as expected. So many utilities are accepting PayPal now which is great, especially when a lot of them don’t accept Amex at all or have a surcharge for Amex. PayPal lets you get around these issues which is perfect.

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