Interested in American Airlines 85,000 Bonus miles deal, how's your experience on booking business class flights and availability?

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Hi all,

I was emailed a current deal by American Airlines today (85,000 Bonus miles deal).

Where you can buy miles, and receive bonus miles. In the past when this was US Airways, I had done this several times. It was usually a double bonus miles deal that they ran. It was always quite difficult with US Airways to find business class seating, as it could only be done over the phone, and quite frankly they were pretty much useless.

Does anyone have feedback on booking business class flights with the American Airlines point? Do you know how many are required for flights, if the cost is worthwhile, and how available seating is?

Thanks & regards,

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Other useful info on this page, especially historical miles pricing to see whether it is the cheapest on offer.

United miles offering up to 100% bonus for mile purchase

These are generally shown in the bottom section of “Active Deals”


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Hi again Skafhold,

Sounds like you are ramping up things. Good to hear.

I find American Airlines very easy to use. Availabilities are good when I booked for 11-12 mths in advance a couple months ago. Help desk line is great and on NSW number. Wait times were rather short.

I bought quite a lot of points a few months back and used it all with no problem. Not all award flights bookable with AA is available for booking online. But basically One World and all AA partners flights can be booked if award seats are available.

Most importantly, AA allows you to hold award seats for 5 days while you transfer miles or decide on whether to go ahead. Very good point to have when booking award seats.

AA miles table is in link below:

  • Previously when redeeming Us Airways miles for business class flights, I used KVS tool prior to calling the Us Airways reservation in the USA (probably the most frustrating phone calls of my life).

    Could you tell me if you have a better method for searching availability on such flights and also booking of flights?

  • I can’t comment on US airways. I can vouch for AA help line. They always delivered when I ring them. Only thing they can’t do on demand is make award seats available when its not.

    I can’t for the life of me comprehend KVS. But its probably because I did not put too much effort into learning it. I used expertflyer and another which I can’t remember the name.

    Most of my success were from searching on the airline loyalty website directly.

    1. Look for airlines that fly to that destination.
    2. One world- look on Qantas (because its easy), BA (to get airlines not covered by QFF), AA because AA miles can be bought. Japan Air – through them directly.

    Star alliance- check on Krisflyer, United (better).

    Skyteam-not have much experience with but similar strategy.

    That’s basically it for me. Repeat and repeat until succeed.

    Booking when seats are just released to up success rate dramatically -> not helpful when need flights on short notice, I know.

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If you look on the award chart in the link. Most of the destinations from South Pacific (Australia) just have a blue dot.

Does that mean you cant travel there?

  • The note down the bottom says “Award travel is available between these regions as denoted by the availability indicator (blue dot), however two awards must be claimed as the only service available is to/from the contiguous 48 U.S. states.”

    Personally, I didn’t really bothered with what it meant.

    If you can find an award seat on One World airlines or AA partner, you can usually book it with AA miles.

    E.g. I booked Japan Airlines Tokyo-Sydney with AA miles by calling AA number.

    I use Qantas, BA, AA website to research One World seat availabilities.

    Get a free AA membership and start searching. You can see what is available for booking online.

  • Thanks for the info.

    KVS was great once I got the hang of it. But it did require quite a bit of research to find the correct routes.

    Do you know if there is a way to use QFF points in conjunction with AA points since they are both one world?


  • No it is not possible to use different points from different programs (like different currencies) in 1 booking. Best you could do is break multi-stop flights into individual flights and book separately.

    Unless you can transfer from 1 program to the other, which is rare. Here is where flexible points make it a valuable ‘currency’. You transfer to the destination program, which is required for booking.

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