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Hi All,

First off. I’m a complete noob with points and using them. I know they can be beneficial which is why I’m here but I have limited knowledge so please be kind.

I currently have 35,000 points on an AMEX David Jones card (I got it without doing research and before finding this site ūüôĀ ). And will soon have 60,000 Qantas point through the St.George Amplify Signature Card¬†card that was promoted here :).

I’m heading to Hawaii in September and want to know the best, strategic way to use my points. I want to fly with either Jetstar or Qantas but am open to ideas. I went through the webjet site just to see how much my points took off the total and was pretty disappointed to see that my AMEX points only deducted $300. Can I get more bang for these points by converting them to Qanatas points or something like that?

I’m aware that flying business class will result in¬†better yield per point but I’m mainly concerned about saving $$$

Any help\advice would be much appreciated.


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As far as I’m aware Matthew, there is no way to convert your Amex Rewards points into QFF. ¬†

You can transfer your Amex Rewards into a range of other frequent flyer programs, Virgin Australia, Singapore Airlines Krisflyer, Etihad and Cathay Pacific’s Asia Miles.¬†¬† Asia Miles is a very good program to accumulate miles in where you can, but this is usually done by flying or transferring points into their program. ¬†

I’ve had a quick look on Asia Miles and they require 40,000 miles for a one-way economy award from Syd-Honolulu or vice versa with Qantas or American Airlines.¬† AMEX Reward Points transfer 1:1 into Asia Miles, so if you used your David Jones card until you reached 40,000 AMEX Rewards points, you could then transfer to Asia Miles, and have 40,000 Asia Miles points.¬† At a quick glance, there are hardly any award seats available though, PLUS it’s difficult to see what the taxes and charges would be (I believe they can be quite high, similar to what Qantas charge).

The 60,000 QFF points are enough to get you a return trip to Hawaii with Jetstar through the QFF webiste (you’d have to look carefully for Jetstar only award flights.¬† If you choose any segment of the journey, for example, Syd-Brisbane, on a Qantas leg, the amount of miles required will increase above your 60,000).¬† Hopefully by the time you get the 60,000 points though, you’ll have incurred some more spend and more points anyway.¬† While there is plenty of award availability through Jetstar on there, the problem is Qantas’ taxes and fees.¬† So while you can get a return direct trip to Hawaii through QFF website on Jetstar planes for 60,000 QFF points, the taxes and fees charged by Qantas are around $470!!

I’ve just had a quick look and Jetstar (on their own website) are offering plenty of DIRECT return flights in September to Hawaii from Sydney for $573 return (including taxes).¬† For that price, I’d be looking to book with Jetstar, pay cash and hold onto those 60,000 points.¬† It’s an excellent price.

You’ll see from searching around the QFF and Jetstar websites that those 60,000 QFF miles will only save you around $100 at the moment (while those Jetstar flights are on sale to Hawaii).¬† That would be a waste. Plus, most of the award flights on QFF website fly on Jetstar but make you fly via Melbourne or Brisbane on the way there and back (I’m assuming for some reason that you are in Sydney. If you’re in Melbourne or Brisbane, than it’s not so bad). ¬†

At this stage, my advice would be to hold your AMEX points in the AMEX rewards program, and hold onto your QFF points when they arrive.  

A challenge with the whole points hack thing is having points spread over different programs, and this can be frustrating at times.¬† There is plenty of info on this site about the various programs and approaches to points.¬† If you are in a position to snap up one of those Jetstar direct return fares to Honolulu in September for $573, I’d be doing that.¬† If you decide to go for that option, don’t forget to use POLi to pay for your flight so you avoid Jetstar’s booking fee!

If this was helpful mate, push that little ‘up arrow’ on the left of the original reply!

If you have any more questions about the above, ask away…


  • Hi Jack, Wow! Such a great response. Truly above and beyond what I thought anyone was going to write. Thanks a lot. So no AMEX to QFF. Does this mean that I can't use my points together? Or would I have to book separate airlines for the departure and return? Is there a website to search for award seats for all airlines? How do I know when booking if it's an awards seat? What's the deal with tax's and fees? Can your points completely eliminate them or do you always have to pay some? While I agree that $573 is a fantastic price. The whole reason I started to investigate this points system is because I kept hearing about people basically flying for free or a couple of hundred of dollars at most. I know that if you choose business class your points have a better yield but I'm more looking for the cheapest way to fly. I'm beginning to think that I'm better off just looking for cheap deals when they pop up than to use points. I don't fly a lot but was hoping to sign on to a few credit cards, collect the points, pay the annual fees that are less than the price of a return ticket and then cancel the cards. Thanks for the heads up about POLi. Had no idea so that's great. Gave you the thumbs up too mate thanks a lot
  • Not a problem Matthew. I understand where you're coming from regarding trying to save money and the elusive free flights! First things first, you will always have to pay taxes and fees of some description when redeeming miles/points for an award flight. Unfortunately, Qantas charge a heck of a lot for these. However, there are some ways to avoid the high fees, but that requires using other frequent flyer programs. As far as Qantas goes, there is very little value in acquiring points through credit card sign up bonuses (particularly if you pay any annual fee) to redeem those QFF points on international economy tickets - as their surcharges (fees and charges) are often just so high. You can save $$ here and there using Qantas, but I think the general consensus is to avoid redeeming in economy on international flights. And that is where you've heard the mantra that the value lies in Business and/or First Class. Having said that, I've used my QFF points for a couple of domestic flights where taxes and charges aren't as high, and also to NZ. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Regarding all the questions that you've asked, this is where you need to go and do some reading! This site is a fantastic resource and will answer all of your questions above. There are tonnes of great articles on here, guides and blogs with great information and tricks to learn. I started 1.5 years ago, and it's incredible what I've learned and how I've applied it. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But quickly, to answer some of your questions - You will have to use the AMEX points separately from the QFF points. If you wanted to use the different sets of points, you will have to make 2 bookings. From my understanding, there is NO website that allows to search all airlines award seats availability. There are some great award search tools/websites out there that are often restricted to particular groups of airlines (OneWorld, Star Alliance etc) but many of these require subscriptions and are complex at this early stage of your hacking. For what's its worth, I use a combination of award flights and then buying up the really good cheap fares when I see them. You can do both. If you're smart about it too, you can sometimes get a good amount of points from low annual fee cards - for example ANZ Frequent Flyer (the basic card) at the moment is offering 50,000 QFF for an annual fee of $95. Plus, you can restrict your credit limit to $1,000. I wouldn't give up yet mate, just need to do some more research and remember that all of these bonus offers etc often relate to different rewards programs. You need to figure out which one or two rewards programs work for you, and focus on them. For me, it's Qantas and American Airlines AAdvantage program at the moment!
  • Cool. Thanks so much for the write up. I'll continue reading and learning. I think I'll just book the cheap tickets to Hawaii this time around.
  • I think that's probably your best call at the moment mate. I'd be more than happy to share more info with you if you want. Feel free to private message on here.
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St.Georges signature visa car sign up bonus will be deposited in your nominated points program. You will need to opt for QFF when signing up otherwise they will go to the Amplify scheme which is not as valuable as QFF.

David jones points are for as follows: 35k Amex points or 22.5k Qantas points. Future points earn will be either Amex or Qantas. So you need to decide which one is better for you.

  • Hi, Thanks for the reply. When using the David Jones points (which are AMEX points) do they automatically get converted when booking the flight? Or is it better to convert them before using them? I opted for QFF when signing up for St.Georges :)
  • Matthew, you can't convert the David Jones AMEX points to Qantas. Originally, when you applied for the David Jones card, you could at the application stage have said you wanted to be rewarded with Qantas points or American Express reward points. Presumably, you didn't indicate that you wanted Qantas points, so you were automatically given the bonus as AMEX points. In the same way that you nominated QFF program when applying for St George Amplify, you had to do that when applying for David Jones to have them as Qantas -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- However, now that you have received them as AMEX points, there's no way to transfer or make them Qantas points. Ataraxis' comment above that mentions 22.5k Qantas points is a reference to the amount of Qantas bonus points you could have received when applying had you nominated the QFF program for your rewards. As you didn't nominate, they automatically gave you the 35k AMEX points.
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Can you clarify please?

1. Are the 35,000 David Jones AMEX points in the American Express Rewards program or the Qantas FF program?

2. Are the 60,000 St George Amplify points in the Qantas FF program?  Did you nominate the QFF program when applying for that card?

I ask because you say in your post “Can I get more bang for these points by converting them to Qanatas points or something like that?”.



  • The American Express Rewards Program. Is there anyway to convert them to Qantas? Do I have to? Does this cost money? Yes they are. I nominated the QFF option when applying for the card (I haven't got the points just yet).
  • No, ones they are amex points you can't convert to QFF. You will need a dedicated amex QFF card to earn into QFF.
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