What's the 'best value' redemption from Abu Dhabi to Europe?



Using AA miles, or Alaska Miles, or United Miles or lifemiles, what is the best value points redemption to fly from Abu Dhabi to any destination in Europe ( excluding London and Scandinavia) in Business or first class.

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Hi Dojka,

This question is too broad and is very hard to answer. Value is subjective, Europe is massive, and those programs cover many destinations.

Giving some more personal context to your questions – what’s value to you? Where are you looking to travel? How long for? Why out of Abu Dhabi? Do you have any points already? etc etc.
Also framing them as a specific question will help us answer.



  • Hi Keith, I have purchased points will all programs thanks to your excellent guides. I found to get to the middle east from sydney the best value had was using aa miles and booking with etihad on there a380 airplane. Id like to also travel onto europe with the etihad a380 plane, however, as far as i am aware they only fly to london and paris. Both destinations are of no interest to myself nor is scandinavia. So theoretically, I will be in Abu dhabi wanting to fly a nice aircraft a380 or a350 or any nice business or first class plane into europe

  • Where in Europe would you like to visit? For me, that would define where you would want to fly to, unless you are going just to experience the flight. If it’s just for the flight, then maybe Etihad’s 787 could be an option which is flown to Dusseldorf I think. Airberlin also fly to Berlin from Abu Dhabi and is a oneworld alliance member, although their Business Class is great it’s probably not as nice as Etihad’s.

    Really down to your personal preference of destination in my view, I personally wouldn’t target a specific flight to then spend a few days in a city I don’t want to be in, but I *would* be fine with going to a city I’ve always wanted to visit and not having a top tier business class to get there.

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