When can I expect the signup bonus from Westpac credit card application?

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Hi I recently applied for a credit card with Westpac an if you applied through the email that you guys send out you got a bonus 20,000 points an 80,000 points after you spend $5000, when are the initial 20,000 points credited?

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The 20,000 bonus points will be awarded after 8 weeks of card approval I suppose. Happy to be corrected.

  • This is a known issue. You will need to contact Westpac to make a formal complaint asking for compensation.

    Refer to here for experiences of others

  • I was told that since I applied from Qantas website , Westpac is not responsible for the 20000 points and I must be talking to Qantas. It does not seem right as I pay annual fee to Westpac and I expect them to be service provider or my card and not Qantas. Any suggestions on how to get compensated for this ? I tried calling twice , was on hold for more 30 minutes but unable to reach the customer relations team.

  • Read over the link I posted. In there is explained to write a letter to them. Don’t call as you will just be given the run around

  • Did anyone have luck in getting the bonus points ? I am yet to receive the 20K points , leave alone the 80K points for meeting spend criteria.

  • From what I read so far, quite a few of you guys had problem getting the 100,000 points. I’m not sure if I want to proceed to activate the card. Its with an annual fees, yet have to keep chasing for the points. Apart from points, please share what other issues you encounter, or what is good about the card ?
    When is the Qantas Club invitations send to cardholders ?

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