Qantas Frequent Flyer’s Status Hold program can freeze the elite status of new parents at the same level for up to 18 months.

This is a nice win for new parents who are taking a break from work (or any) travel as Qantas Frequent Flyers.

Velocity also has a similar program.

Benefits of Qantas’ Status Hold program

If you are approved for a Qantas Status Hold, you’ll then have your Qantas status extended by up to 18 months. The Status Credit balance of your current membership year will be maintained until the end of that 18-month period.

Essentially, you get to keep your current Qantas status for the 18 months you are ‘on leave’. That means you can continue to earn and use Qantas Points and enjoy your tier benefits, including lounge access, during the Status Hold period.

You’ll also get the extended period to requalify for status as normal.

Qantas Status Hold

Eligibility for Qantas Status Hold

You’re eligible to take up a status hold from Qantas if you:

  • currently have Silver, Gold, Platinum or Platinum One status
  • are taking at least six consecutive months leave from paid employment and can provide written evidence backing this up
  • are one of the following:
    • a parent of a baby or babies that are due to be born within the next three months or were born in the last six months
    • a foster parent who will be caring for a child within the next three months or who has started caring for a child within the last six months
    • a parent who will be adopting a child within the next three months or who has adopted a child within the last six months
  • can provide evidence of the above
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If you have received complimentary Platinum status from a Platinum One member, or complimentary Gold status from a Platinum member, you are not eligible to apply for Status Hold.

A maximum of two parents can be on a Status Hold at any one time for the same child.

It’s also worth noting that under this programme, you are limited to two Status Holds within a five-year period. So parents looking at three or more kids in succession can only take advantage of a Status Hold twice.

It remains to be seen how Qantas handles self-employed parents looking to take time off. How do they self-certify to meet the requirements? If you have experience of applying for a Qantas Status Hold as a self-employed worker, please let me know in the comments.

One reader has let me know that it seems that getting a letter from your business’ ‘human resources department’ was suitable for proving this, so you could try that.

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How to apply for Qantas’ Status Hold program

  1. Go to the Qantas Status Hold webpage
  2. Click Apply Now
  3. Log in to your Qantas Frequent Flyer account
  4. Fill in your personal details
  5. Provide supporting documentation

Comparing Velocity and Qantas’ parental leave programs

You’ll get a longer pause with Qantas

Qantas allows for your status to be extended by 18 months, whereas Velocity allows only six months.

You can use the benefit more times with Velocity

Qantas members are limited to using two Status Holds in a five-year period, whereas Velocity allows one every two years.

Velocity does not require you to be on leave from work

Qantas requires you to provide documentation that shows you are taking at least six consecutive months off paid employment. Conversely, Velocity does not impose this requirement.

Qantas is more generous with adoptive and foster parents

With Velocity, children must be under the age of 2, regardless of whether the relationship is biological, adoptive or foster. Conversely, Qantas allows a Status Hold for adoptive and foster parents up until the child reaches 3 and 16 years of age, respectively.

How to use Qantas’ Status Hold program for new parents was last modified: January 21st, 2020 by Matt Moffitt

Summing up

This initiative from Qantas is a welcome one for new parents. Do be aware that you will need to provide proof of leave from paid employment and that this benefit can only be used twice in a five-year period.

You can find more information on the Status Hold program on the Qantas website.

How to use Qantas’ Status Hold program for new parents was last modified: January 21st, 2020 by Matt Moffitt