From now until 29 December, you can earn 5x the usual rate of 1 Woolworths Rewards points per $ spent at Woolworths and its other brands.

With this promo, you’ll be earning the equivalent of 2.5 Qantas Points $ spent, which is great. (A reminder that since 1 October, you now earn 0.5 Qantas Points per $ spent rather than the previous 0.435.)

5x Woolworths Rewards offer Dec 2019

How to earn 5x Woolworths Rewards points this week

  1. Locate your Woolworths Rewards number (find it on your physical card or log in to your account > My Account > Cards & accounts)
  2. Activate the offer at this page
  3. Wait at least two hours before shopping
  4. Shop at Woolworths Supermarkets, Woolworths Metro and/or Woolworths Online between now and 29 December
  5. Stack your purchase by using one of these credit cards that earn bonus points at supermarkets

Full offer terms and conditions

Promotion runs from 00:01 AEDT 23/12/2019 until 23:59 AEDT 29/12/2019 and is available at Woolworths supermarkets, Woolworths Metro and Woolworths online. This offer is not available in Tasmania or at Caltex and Woolworths Metro co-branded stores. This offer is personal to you and will be available only on your Woolworths Rewards card. Registered Woolworths Rewards members must activate their offer to participate in the promotion. Activation closes 23:59 AEDT Sunday 29/12/2019. To ensure your offer has been added to your Woolworths Rewards card, you must activate your offer at least 2 hours before shopping in-store or online. Any transactions you have made at Woolworths in the promotional week before activating your offer will not be counted towards the qualifying amount. 5x points equals 1 (one) standard Woolworths point and 4 (four) additional Woolworths points. Offer can be redeemed multiple times. If eligible for multiple bonus points offers, only 1 (one) standard Woolworths point can be earned once for all eligible offers. To redeem your offer online at you will need to ensure your registered Woolworths Rewards card number is linked to your online account at checkout. See for full terms and conditions and delivery areas. For all Woolworths online transactions, orders need to be delivered or picked up by 23:59 AEDT on Sunday 29/12/2019 to qualify for 5x points. No points will be earned on withdrawal of cash, delivery charges and Delivery Saver items, internet cafes, purchases of smoking/tobacco products and accessories, liquor purchased in store at Woolworths or at, Gift Cards (including iTunes), mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards and tickets, Carpet Care, Donations, lottery products and Pre-order Kiosks.

A quick overview of the Woolworths Rewards-Qantas Frequent Flyer partnership

Woolworths’ partnership with Qantas Frequent Flyer directly competes with its rival Coles’ link-up with flybuys. In this guide, I give you information the partnership and my take on how to maximise your points earn.

It is relatively simple but still needs a little explaining.

  1. You’ll earn 1 Woolworths Rewards point for each dollar you spend at Woolworths, including supermarkets, online, BWS and Caltex
  2. If you do nothing, your Woolworths Rewards points will go towards a discount on your shopping at checkout—each point is worth 0.5c (this is the same as flybuys, by the way)
  3. If you decide you’d prefer Qantas Points, you can choose to redeem 2,000 Woolworths Rewards points for 1,000 Qantas Points instead but you’ll need to select this option on the Woolworths Rewards or Qantas website to start the automatic transfers. Points are swept over whenever your balance hits 2,000 Woolworths Rewards points
Woolworths Rewards Benefits 201608 | Point Hacks

How many points will you earn?

For each dollar spent:

  • You’ll earn 1 Woolworths Rewards point, equivalent to 0.5c in cash discount
  • This equates to 0.5 Qantas Points per dollar spent (1,000 Qantas Points per 2,000 Woolworths points)

Comparing to the Coles-flybuys partnership, for each dollar spent:

  • You’ll earn 1 flybuys point, equivalent to 0.5c in value (same as Woolworths)
  • This equates to 0.435 Velocity Points

An October 2019 poll of Point Hacks readers showed that over two-thirds prefer the Woolworths-Qantas partnership over the flybuys-Velocity one.

Note that you will not earn any points on smoking products, gift cards, mobile recharge, Woolworths Mobile, travel cards and tickets, delivery charges, internet cafes, Carpet Care, Woolworths Flowers or lottery products.

You can also earn bonus points from offers sent to your inbox.

What does this mean in terms of points values?

As we’ve discussed in depth before, valuing your points is really important for you to make an informed decision on how you earn and use them.

Because you have a cash equivalent for your Woolworths Rewards points (a discount off your shopping), we can unequivocally say that each Qantas Point you earn is costing you 1c.

Why? 2,000 Woolworths points = $10 in Woolworths credit or 1,000 Qantas Points. You are forgoing $10 in credit to pick up 1,000 Qantas Points, so each Qantas Point is being earned at 1c each.

Is this a good deal? Well, it’s OK—I value my Qantas Points higher than 1c.

If you are points-rich, then it’s probably worth taking the cash; if you want more Qantas Points, then it is not a bad rate at which to acquire them.

How do I opt-in to earning Qantas Points at Woolworths?

You can link your Woolworths Rewards and Qantas Frequent Flyer accounts on either the Woolworths Rewards or Qantas website.

Qantas-Woolworths Rewards account linking
It’s easy to link your accounts on the Qantas website

You can also choose not to link your accounts and instead use 2,000 Woolworths Rewards points to get $10 off your next shop. However, we value the Qantas Points at double that ($20), so I’d recommend linking your accounts. Plus, it will help to keep your Qantas Points from expiring.

How to save time by tapping your digital device at the checkout

Instead of having to scan your plastic Woolworths Rewards card to earn Woolworths Rewards points (convertible to Qantas Points), you can add your card to your digital waller.

All you need to do is go to the Woolworths Rewards website on your device, log in and you’ll see the option to add your card to your digital wallet:

Woolworths Rewards Iphone Screenshot | Point Hacks

Follow the prompts and then you’ll be able to earn points at the checkout. For example, iPhone users can just double-click the Home button (you don’t have to unlock the phone), select your Woolworths Rewards card, tap it on the credit card terminal and verify your identity with your Touch ID or Passcode.

Woolworths Rewards Iphone Screenshot | Point Hacks

Important notes:

  • This is available on iPhones (6 or later) and Android phones (Lollipop 5.0 or later)
  • This option does not work at petrol stations, Big W, Dan Murphy’s or at stores in Tasmania, so to get your fuel discount, you still need your plastic card
  • You do not need to be connected to the internet to scan your card but you do need to be connected to register in the first place
  • You can have multiple Woolworths Rewards cards on one device
  • You can still use your plastic card as normal

Here is the FAQ page.

What about previous versions of the program?

I have avoided a comparison to the old Everyday Rewards program so far, to avoid drawing any negative conclusions about Woolworths Rewards to this point. The old Everyday Rewards program had almost double the Qantas Points earn rates, but only on basket sizes over $30.

But that just doesn’t matter—there is no chance of the old program coming back, so we won’t waste any more time thinking about it.

Worth noting is that the new program at least allows you to earn points on smaller transactions, which is a bit of a behaviour change if you were used to trying to batch your grocery shopping to get over the $30 minimum threshold before—you don’t need to worry about that now.

Summing up

Previously, this program was not appealing enough to really make shopping at Woolworths to earn Qantas Points a complete no-brainer.

Neither Coles or flybuys had a standout feature which meant you should absolutely choose one program and supermarket over the other.

However, if you are doing your grocery shopping online, then the bonus Qantas Points available may sway your decision.

It is worth remembering points earn opportunities from using a credit card that offers bonus points for supermarket shopping will usually outweigh bonus points offerings from the supermarkets themselves.

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