This is a great way for those without free Priority Pass access included with their credit card to enter many of the same lounges for a $7 per visit discount and without paying a membership fee.

With Dragonpass, you pay only $29 (14.75 GBP) per visit + no membership fee, instead of $36 (27 USD) per visit + a $133 (99 USD) membership fee with Priority Pass.

Full credit and thanks to AusBT on Facebook for this one!

Wellness Oasis SIN

Just like with a Priority Pass membership, you can get into Singapore’s Airport Oasis with a complimentary shower facility and 20-minute fish spa treatments.

Registration steps

  • If you are not a Qantas Aquire member, sign up for a MyRegus account here.

MyRegus Dragonpass Step 1

  • If you are a Qantas Aquire member, you are better off registering here, as you’ll get five free access cards to use within a one year at over 2000 Regus Express business centres, including at Sydney Airport, plus 1000 free Aquire Points.


The Regus Express Business Centre at Sydney Airport Arrivals

  • Once in your MyRegus account, go to Tools > Travel > Airport Lounges.

MyRegus Dragonpass Step 2

  • In the new window that opens, register for a free Dragonpass membership. You will be prompted to enter your credit card details, but as this is a free membership, you’ll only be billed for individual lounge access when you actually make those visits.

MyRegus Dragonpass Step 3

  • Download the Dragonpass app for iOS or Android.

Dragonpass QR

Lounge at B

Visit the Dubai Terminal 3’s ‘Lounge at B’, located in the same terminal as Qantas and Emirates flights

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