This is a great way for those without free Priority Pass access included with their credit card to enter many of the same lounges for an $11 per-visit discount and without paying a membership fee.

DragonPass vs Priority Pass

With DragonPass, you pay only AU$36 (19 GBP) per visit + no membership fee. That’s instead of AU$47 (US$32) per visit + a AU$196 (US$99) annual membership fee with Priority Pass.

Let’s take a look at an example. The Plaza Premium Lounge in Melbourne’s International Terminal is part of both networks.

If you were to buy a day pass directly from the lounge, it would cost you ~AU$66. Through Priority Pass, the price is $47 per visit (plus the annual membership fee.) Conversely, with DragonPass, you’d only pay $36.

Melbourne Plaza Premium Lounge dining area
The Plaza Premium Lounge Melbourne

Registration steps

  1. Sign up for a free MyRegus account here
  2. Go to Services & Benefits > Travel > Airport Lounges
  3. Register for a free DragonPass membership in the new window that opens
  4. Enter your Visa or Mastercard details (you need to enter credit card details, but as this is a free membership, you’ll only be billed for individual lounge access when you actually make those visits)
  5. Download the DragonPass app for iOS or Android
  6. Present the app’s QR code to access any one of the over 1,100 Dragonpass-affiliated lounges around the world
  7. Pay ~AU$36 per visit
SkyTeam Sydney Lounge | Point Hacks
DragonPass has a lounge and/or dining outlet in nine Australian airports, including the SkyTeam Lounge in Sydney

H/T: Executive Traveller

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