Velocity points for redemption top-up table


This might be common knowledge but I’ve never noticed this on the Velocty site … starting at 500 pts for $80 up to 50,000 pts for $1172.

Here is the table:

Points Booster Basics

  • Velocity Frequent Flyer Points must be purchased in blocks of 500, with a 500 Points minimum and 50,000 maximum per purchase
  • You must nominate your intended Reward and the total number of Points you require at the time of purchase
  • Velocity Points Booster purchases are permitted twice per member per calendar year
  • Purchased Points may only be purchased by a member on their own behalf
  • You must hold 80% of the total required Points balance for the intended reward in your account at the time of the Velocity Points Booster purchase
  • Velocity Points Booster purchases are non-refundable
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