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Today I took advantage of the balance of my Thai Airways miles before my status expires due to a promotion they have with gold members being able to fly any award Thai marketed/operated with 50% discount of miles used in return awards… I doubt there is many Thai gold here but when I was new to frequent flying I always flew Thai and earnt status and miles, but since learning the program is overall a rip off, bar the free roundtrip upgrade they give, I guess this promotion isn’t too bad if you have a balance of miles in Thai and are gold… you can take advantage of this, you can also buy miles from the site to top up if you short, or transfer SPG to Thai’s ROP at 1:1 ratio:

I booked BKK to ICN in business return for 37.5k miles, + $60 taxes, ticket retails around $1800.

But the sweet spot here is Perth-Bangkok for the same amount of miles, I’m unsure of cost in taxes, but that’s a ticket that retails between $2500-3000

for 49k miles can fly from the other 3 majors, SYD, BNE, MEL return on Thai Airways Royal Silk(Business) class.

I only took this opportunity because my status expires soon and I would kiss out on the 50% discount, I suggest if anyone has a balance of Thai miles and are still gold, to burn them with one of these awards unless you a Thai loyalist

  • Hi Contract3:

    Thank you for letting us know the deal. I’m not a gold member so unlikely to take advantage of this. But I’m interested to know your experience with Thai’s FFP. What do you mean by “total rip off”? On their award chart there seems to be some sweet spots especially in their star alliance award chart. Thai’s miles can be easily transferred from MR and Citi points so it’s not hard to get. Many of us are quite interested in using it. Can you share with us your experience with it? Good and bad?

    Many thanks.

  • Hey there, basically I was flying Thai because it was at the time best matched to my fifo roster in QLD, it worked out best for me flying on my R&R as I’ve lived there 3.5 years in and out every few weeks I had a perfect timing run to give loyalty. Plus I didn’t mind Thai service and the new Dreamliner they had.
    When I changed sites to WA the timing with Thai sucked so I started experimenting & experiencing other airlines and learning frequent flyer programs as I was starting to realise more after all the changes I was going through.
    Cracking gold with Thai is generally no easy feat because they have so many economy fares discounting qualifying miles. You got to fly a lot in full fare with them or with partner airlines.
    Once I finally achieved gold I had already learnt I was better off flying and crediting to Singapores Krisflyer, due to basically having more flights on offer at more frequent intervals and being a great product, also I was switching to virgin domestically to try stack more miles in my Krisflyer account with credit card spend, it made more sense to me,
    Not to discredit Thais Royal Orchid Plus ‘ROP’ frequent flyer program, I just found it easier to earn Virgin points domestically from flights or credit card spend and to also fly internationally with Singapore as it easier for my new circumstances.
    The way of cracking Thai gold was helped by being able to credit any Singapore flights I flew to my ROP account and get a good earn rate, once I finally got gold which is valid for 2 years, only matched by Turkish and Eva Air in star alliance, it is a credible bonus, also Thai offer a free round trip upgrade to whatever class you choose for so many different flights and fare types. In their award upgrade chart an upgrade
    can jump up serveral fare classes with the higher amounts of miles.

    I’ll give a list of positive and negative things about Thai’s ROP.

    -Excellent call enter service if talking to Australian offices, generally for upgrade or redemptions I find it easier to call the. Request online, it’s very easy and the staff are good, I can’t rate the Thailand staff as good over the phone as our Australian because there can be a communication issue with those in Thailand… It’s hard over the phone with a Thailand based office from experience, But face to face they are excellent, patient and consistent as well easily accessible, even being face to face with a thai travel argent they are much better calling for changes or queries on your behalf as it skips of a lot of that language confusion or any other hassles.
    -Free round trip Upgrade on achieving goal, valid for 2 years.
    Economy to Royal Silk(business) and Royal Silk upgraded to Royal First.
    Doesn’t mater it it’s just from Bangkok to Phnom Penh, ya can go from Auckland to London and the upgrade is spent the same, I just used mine for return to do Perth to Frankfurt which I’m pretty stoked about.
    -Very wide open award availability, I’ve noticed they have had seats available in all my attempts to use an award flight.
    -Cash + miles, never used this so can’t comment, but it is available
    -Thai smile, you can earn miles flying their low cost carrier subsidiary Thai Smile
    – Easy to earn Thai ROP miles from
    Promotions they have in Thailand with certain hotels, events. I also have a thai bank account and they have credit card earn and stuff although I currently don’t have one over there.


    -More costly to earn the highest tier of qualifying miles & ROP miles when flying
    -Expensive in cost of miles for redemptions for example,
    From Perth to Bangkok will cost 75k miles in business where as Singapore Airlines used to cost 55k(+ expensive surcharges) but is now 65k(surcharges drastically reduced)
    – one way fares are more costly in miles than return trips, I took a one way economy fare they slogged me 30k miles one way but in return would of been 45k if I had of known better I would of paid cash. Or for 32.5k Krisflyer miles I could of flown in business.
    -Difficulty of earning Thai ROP miles in Australia
    – infamous for inconsistency of aircraft, it’s like a lottery when you fly with them you don’t know what aircraft your gonna get so could be an old product on a shitty older plane but when scheduled they say it’s an A350, think a few people in Melbourne have been stung by this.

    Overall I hadn’t looked into Thai too much until now but it’s not a terrible program it does have a few perks and benefits. Gold members do get the best perks and also the odd promotions only available to them. The 2 years star gold and free upgrade is definitely a winner along with the ease of booking wide open availability on flights.
    I just happened to find Singapores Krisflyer more appealing due to the ease of earning convertible velocity points.
    I will always love Thai Airways.

  • If you can reach 50k qualifying miles with Thai, You can collect your 2 years star gold, book an economy fare from Australia to Europe and upgrade for free, Frankfurt route has an A380 or A350.
    Use 49k miles which the cost of a return trip from BNE, MEL, SYD with that 1 off 50% discount to you for being gold.
    So that would be great and worthwhile value!!!

    Yes I forgot to mention above that the 50% off is only 1 time, it’s not for all bookings, if the moderator can please include that in my top post, I’m struggling to edit this post along with my spelling and grammar mistakes.
    Also above when talking about Krisflyer miles in comparison to thai, them miles were to fly on Singapore airlines, not on Thai airways, the 32.5k miles would of had to been Krisflyer miles on a Singapore flight. So sorry to confuse anyone there.

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