Singapore Airlines Reward seats "Free" for the second leg to some cities


Something interesting I found the other day about the Singapore Airlines reward seats is that if a certain route is not operated by itself but by Silkair, it is basically FREE!

OK let me explain it a bit. For instance the points required for business seat from Sydney to Singapore is 58,000 and Sydney to Shanghai transfering at SIN is 76,000. So here it comes, if you want to travel from Sydney to a city other than Shanghai or Beijing, you get the second leg of the flight free. That is the points required for business seat from Sydney to Wuhan or Chengdu or half a dozen other Chinese capital cities transfering at SIN is 58,000. What makes it sweeter is that if you fly from Perth, you can fly almost 5,000 miles for just 32,5oo points in business class! (First Singapore Airlines Business then Silkair Business)

I know I know Silkair is not as glamours as Singapore Airlines. But it is still a $1,600 worth (one way) flight and what’s not to like if it costs you nothing.

So explore your options if you are planing a trip to China. Maybe consider not landing in Shanghai or Beijing. This could potentially save you 36,000 (return) precious Krisflyer points that you can bank for another trip.

  • Same for most connections in SE Asia, its because the other cities are in the same zone or something like that in FF parlance, and is not unusual. ( i only say most because I havent checked all of them)

  • It certainly is not unusual, it’s not even a loophole or anything, just a very nice thing to know and have. After all there are all these airlines that charge you points by the miles you actually fly, leg by leg.
    In the case of Singapore Airlines, all the cities that are not Shanghai or Beijing are zoned as South China (Zone 4) so they are priced as cheap as flying to the transfer hub (SIN), but in fact flying to some of the West China cities are just as far as flying to East China in Zone 5 (Shanghai). And I think that’s the difference between SE Asia and China — SE Asia cities are way closer to each other to be considered in the same Zone with no doubt.

  • Nice to know. I will fly to a different Chinese city on my next award booking and then catch a high speed train to my final destination.

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