Reduced joining fee for epiQure Premium = $59 instead of $89


Reduced joining fee to epiQure Premium.

Go to the link below or use 59JOIN as the promo code.

Not sure when this promo will end but FREEJOIN would be better and that’s what I will wait for.

Note with this promo you do not seem to get the free “welcome” gift.


  • Thanks, adding this to the Epiqure round up post today!

  • Gah! Just tried it and it didn’t work for me.

    You can still find Qantas pages like this one: [] – That indicate the “FREEJOIN” code (Though the offer seems to be from 2014 and Taittinger NV is currently out of stock).

    *However* You _might_ be able (*) to blag a “Free” (**) membership by signing-up for a wine-plan and possibly putting it on hold after the first case (***).

    * Don’t know, I haven’t _tried_ it.
    ** “Free” as-in “Free after you pay for a plan for quarterly cases of (really quite excellent) mixed wine”
    *** If this works at all, I’d be curious if you could just leave it on hold indefinitely… For years?

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