Qantas Premier Mastercard - watch out for failure to credit bonus points


Hi all,

This is not a deal per se but some tips about making sure you get your 60,000 bonus points.

I got my card back in August and happily spent away to the $3,000 threshold to qualify for bonus points. The transactions included car registration, insurance and some other spend. Note here registration and CTP insurance are classified as government charges and do not qualify for points.  This should not have been an issue as the terms and conditions stated “spend $3,000” with little qualification of what that spend should be (see below for a more detailed extract).

I subsequently received an email from Qantas Money in October saying “congratulations, you have qualified for your bonus points.”  However, the points did not arrive in my account with the October statement.  When I called the contact centre to complain I was told “you just missed the cutoff date, the points will be there after your next statement.”

The next statement arrived and of course the points were still not credited.  I called the contact centre again and was told “the qualifying spend needed to be on points based transactions. Spend with government authorities was not included for calculating the threshold.”

You can guess that the hair on the back of my neck was rising at this point.  However, the operator continued: “As you already have an email from us saying you qualify for the bonus points we will honor it.”  I had to forward the email to them as justification and am now (im)patiently waiting for the matter to be resolved.

Tips for fellow PointHackers:

  • If you have received the email from Qantas Money saying you qualified for the bonus points, get on the phone to the contact centre and make sure they honor it;
  • If you have the opportunity, make sure your qualifying spend consists of non government transactions so there is no confusion;
  • If you think you have missed out on the bonus points, ring up the contact centre and complain. The terms and conditions still state “… spend $3,000 or more on your card within 90 days of approval. Balance Transfers, Cash Advances, Refunds, Chargebacks and Special Promotions do not contribute to the spend threshold.” Note there is no mention of government transactions not qualifying.

I am very, very disappointed with Qantas Money and am struggling to see the value in keeping this card.  Is anyone else having similar problems?

  • Their customer service is rubbish (nothing like a sausage machine Philipino call centre to get you ‘individualised’ customer service), their website doesn’t work properly on a number of browsers e.g. Safari and the login process for the websites is ridiculously complex (do I really have to receive an SMS every time I log in?).

    As soon as I got the points, I jumped ship and cut up the card.

  • Hi – I have had a discussion today with their customer service centre regarding crediting of points for utility bills. As far as I can see this is allowed but they say that Momentum Energy is a government department according to the biller code. Has anybody else had this problem?

  • Am just signing up for this card so thanks for the tips.

    Would the best way to monitor this be to check how many points you have earned in each statement (i.e. ignore the balance, look at how may points you’ve earned that month). Keeping a running total in the first 2 months will then tell you how much you need to spend in month 3 to reach the 3K mark, If you earn 3K points in 3 months then I guess you get the bonus?

  • A monthly reconciliation is certainly the right way to go but reconciling to the points earn is a little unnecessary. Why spend more than you have to?

    I suggest downloading and filing the current terms and conditions for future reference. Are there any exclusions on the $3k qualifying spend? When you do your monthly reconciliation make sure you reference any exclusions so you don’t get caught out in month 3.

  • Hi, I got the points fine after meeting the spending requirements within the first month. I actually got the points credited to my account on my first statement which I was happy with (some cards make you wait the 3 months even if you spend enough on your first statement).

    Personally I wasn’t a big fan of the card so I cancelled after around 10 months, the lady on the phone offered to waive the annual fee for next year and also mentioned a single time 20% off credit that I had not used that you get each year when you book a Qantas flight through the Qantas website using the card… I wasn’t even aware of this? Was anyone else?

    In terms of cards, I have had a few Qantas credit cards over the last few years. In my opinon nothing comes close to AMEX, great app and support. While on the flip side, HSBC was awful, disgraceful app and poor customer service… If you thought the Qantas Premier was bad with their SMS everytime you log in try HSBC where you need two passwords!

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