Qantas Assure: earn points without policy for 28 days


Qantas Assure have released a ‘Wellness Rewards 28-Day Trial’, without the need to have an insurance policy with them for this period. You will earn points for walking/running/cycling by setting and reaching goals. After the 28 days your account will just revert to a locked version, where you can only earn points if you decide to take out one of their policies.

You will need to have a fitness tracking program (for android users that is Google Fit, for iPhone that is Apple Health) or the use of a Fitbit in order to track your activity.

See here for details and the conditions:



  • From the small print it looks like the points earned are locked until you take a Qantas Assure policy.

  • I’ve just double checked the fine print from the link supplied. It says

    “During the Qantas Assure Wellness Rewards 28-Day Trial, App users will earn Qantas Points without having to purchase an Eligible Qantas Assure Product. Qantas Points earned during this trial will be credited to your Qantas Frequent Flyer account on a fortnightly basis. Once the 28-Day Trial has ended, Qantas Frequent Flyer members who do not purchase an Eligible Qantas Assure Product will accumulate Locked Qantas Points by completing activities through the App”

    So it looks like the terms of this offer have not changed. The points are only locked after the 28-day trial has ended.

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