Moving points from ANZ Rewards Black to Kris Flyer


ANZ transfer points from Rewards Black to Kris Flyer in multiples of 3000 @ 1 Kris flyer point for 3 ANZ points.

ANZ transfer to Velocity in multiples of 2 @ 2 ANZ points for 1 Velocity point.

Velocity transfer to Kris Flyer @ 1.35 Velocity Points for 1 Kris Flyer Point.


If you do the math it is about 12% better to transfer the points first to Velocity then transfer them to Kris Flyer.  It means you can sweep all the points out of the bank if you are intending to close the account leaving at most 1 point in your account and leave them with Velocity until you elect to redeem for a Kris Flyer ticket at which time it may be advantageous to transfer your Velocity points to another family member then transfer them across to Kris flyer or just send them over to your own Kris Flyer account.

It is an endless battle to beat the banks!

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