LifeMiles 2 for 1 + 25% bonus


Lifemiles are running a 2 for 1 sale though to Dec 18th. With up to 25% bonus (on the base purchase) depending on how much you buy.

Miles are sold in blocks of 1000 at USD$33. For purchases over 101k that works out at USD 1.47c per mile. Which is pretty good. Having said that, redeeming for travel (on Star Alliance) can be a PIA. But if you’re prepared to battle their call centre go for it!

  • Your figure is not correct. As Australians we are exempt from tax, so it’s $33 per 1000 miles. At 101k mile, it’s $3300, with bonus of 126250 miles. It works out to be 1.45 cents per mile. Unless you are quoting in AUD. (But it worked out to be ~ 2.03 cents according to XE)

  • Thanks Michael, bang on. I’ve updated the post accordingly.

  • Can you book travel on Star Alliance partners through their website or do you have to call their call centre? I’ve been waiting for this deal but first time rookie so a bit nervous..

  • You are best off reading the guide written by Michael Kao and Keith.

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