Kaligo.com hotel bookings offering 10 Amex Membership Rewards points per $


If you’re booking a hotel check out kaligo.com. I’ve not used then as the cheaper hotels generally don’t provide many points but that have teamed up with amex and offer 10 MR points per $ spend.

This is info from kaligo

We do have a partnership with American Express Australia that card holders can now take advantage of. We have not formally announce the partnership yet as marketing is still in the final stages. However if you use your American Express Card issued in Australia on Kaligo, you will be eligible to earn 10X MR Points per every 1AUD spend. This will be valid for all MR earning credit cards. There is no dedicated promo page for this and you just need to enter your Amex Card number upon check-out and you will be prompted of the number of MR Points that you will be receiving.

Since this is a new partnership, this cannot be combined with any of our airline partners earning miles or promotions.

  • Interesting. Hotel Club used to have an almost identical promotion, which I took great advantage of. Hotel Club generally have comparable pricing to the other search engines. Unfortunately, my limited experience with Kaligo is that they do not. They have some very generous points/miles offers, but they almost always come with a significant (and non-viable) cash premium.

    Anybody else used Kaligo successfully? An old mate of mine actually has a fair bit to do with it, but I’ve never bothered to ask him about it.

  • My understanding of this offer is that it’s on trial only, and may not stick around. So your mileage may vary, as they say, and until I know it’s a rock-solid benefit (which I don’t believe it is) I won’t cover it in detail. Thanks for posting though!

  • Have received bonus points for 2 bookings. Takes around 3 business days.

    So far have been lucky to find hotels at similar costs tip other websites, or if more expensive then < 1c power point which I'm happy to pay.

    It is strange why neither kaligo or amex highlight this offer, but it's a great way to boost your points balance.

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