Jetstar MasterCard reduces Points while increasing annual fee


Thanks to Australian Travel Point for originally flagging this one   but the news is worse than even they reported.

So the annual fees going up and the earn rates are being tiered. Not great but possibly to be expected in the current market. However having just received my own notification, it seems they are excluding BPay, ATO and betting transactions too.

I’ll leave it up to the experts to quantify the new offering relative to the market but this house will be putting our cards in a drawer come 28th October and won’t be renewing.

Thanks to Macquarie for the excuse to get a new card …  🙂

  • Thanks Andy, on the list to cover tomorrow.

  • I agree, so disappointing. I was only recommending this card to friend last night, then got home to read the email about the points reduction AND increased fees. Will definitely be cancelling my beloved Jetstar card and shopping around for a better deal.

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